Gloria Delson Contemporary Fine Arts November Exhibition

GDCA Gallery Presents November, 2017 exhibition, “PACE”

“PACE” denotes “a rate of activity, progress, growth”.

November 4th – November 30th, 2017

Opening Reception: 
Saturday, November 4th from 6pm -10pm

GDCA Gallery / 727 South Spring Street / Los Angeles, CA 90014 (between 7th & 8th Streets)

“PACE” – a rate of activity, progress & growth.

– Ty Joseph creates mixed media paintings in the spirit of pop-art, combining reductive yet recognizable objects, shapes and sometimes iconic portraits with his signature geometric deconstruction.

– Suzanne Budd is a classic abstract expressionist bringing her rich, buttery brushstrokes to a vibrant color palette, sounding one last echo of summer as we move into fall.

– Held over by popular demand: Andrew Eyler’s mystical landscape photography, inspired by Jung-ian psychology archetypes and the concept of “Collective Unconscious”.


– Richard Reiner’s paintings embody a bold romanticism scarce in this current art vernacular, his classical land- and seascapes are rife with emotion, as he often moves into a dreamlike realm through interpretative color choices.


– Christina Ilene Thomas similarly takes etherial dreamscapes into complete abstraction. While you may not see the landscapes and hidden forms and figures, you most definitely feel them.

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