ArtQuench Presents both the Outstanding and Inspirational Photography of Artist JW Najarian

ArtQuench is Proud to Present this very special issue of AQM featuring a collective of the amazing photography of JW Najarian , an Artist who has given so much inspiration to so many. Although JW is in the fight of his life he continues to inspire others with his wisdom and creativity. 

Download a free digital copy or Order your special edition hardcopy of the inspirational photographic work of artist and photographer JW Najarian HERE

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More from this special issue….

Val Najarian shares her heart….

I met a man on a blind date,

I thought he talked too much and stayed up too late.

We were just supposed to be friends, but he kissed me goodnight and that was the end.

By end, I mean a beginning of loving and living.

We laughed, we cried, we loved, we fought, but soon I realized he was everything I sought.

He taught me things I would never have known and because of him, oh, how I have grown.

We wanted to have kids and decided to get married, but it turned out, that I could not carry.

The wedding was awesome, the Vikingsholm grand, even though back then, he was part of a band.

We played with our friends at the lake that we love. Lake Tahoe and us, we fit like a glove.

We said goodbye to babies times five, but always knew our love was alive.

We bought a house, with mom just next door and created a home that we still adore.

We worked everyday at jobs that kept us apart, but took great vacations that healed our hearts.

We never went far, but we didn’t care, as long as we were together we made quite the pair.

Maui or Malibu, San Francisco or LA, we really, really just loved to play.

We’d had so much fun for the last 20 years, when cancer came calling, it filled us with fear.

He’s fighting the fight, and making it clear, he intends to stay by my side and always be here.

I could not have asked for a better man to share my life with, but sometimes life just gives you a gift.

I love him now, I’ll love him forever, and in my heart I know we’ll always be together.

Two hearts bound by one dream, my reason for loving and living, JW Najarian, you will always be my personal thanksgiving.

Forever yours,


Just a few of the inspirational images showcased in this special edition featuring

JW Najarian….

JW with his Mom and Jacee

Thank you JW for being such an inspiration in our lives! We love you!

Please support this amazing artist and share!

Click Here to download a free digital copy of this issue OR order your hardcopy.


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