Kristine Shomaker Exploring the Beauty Myth Through Contemporary Art

Brainworks Gallery Presents “Her Intuition”

A Group Show Curated by Erin Adams Featuring Kristine Shomaker
Dates: May 6th –27th, 2017
Brainworks Gallery 
5364 West Pico Boulevard.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Kristine Shomaker

I am honored to show a new video installation, “Losing Weight” in the group show “Her Intuition.” Curated by Erin Adams of Brainworks Gallery.

“Her Intuition” is an exhibition opening at Brainworks Gallery on May 6, 2017 from 5-8 pm, curated by Erin Adams featuring works by five local female artists. Edi Dai, Yasmine Diaz, Margaret Nielsen, Andrea Patrie and Kristine Schomaker will present new works that illustrates the myriad aspects of intuition. Intuition is defined by researchers as the brain’s ability to draw on internal and external cues in making rapid, in-the-moment decisions and the women in this exhibition take that idea—consciously and unconsciously as a point of departure. The works on view range from non-traditional large-scale oil paintings to collage to video installation as each artist’s choice of medium is also dictated by an innate sense of intuition. The exhibition explores intuition as a methodology and as content and celebrates the fact that these artists work from the gut, and do what they do with knowing confidence.

A dedicated conceptualist and surrealist autobiographer, my current work is part of a new cross-platform project called “An Ode to a Lost Love” whose leitmotif addresses the de(con)struction of self in relation to society’s perception/projection/reflection of beauty. This work focuses on the complexities of gender identity, body image, and the societal privileging of women’s physical beauty over character and intellect. The series already includes painting on canvas and mannequins, sculptural installation, digital animation made in Second Life, and narrative photography and video.

From video skins to tangible objects, in Second Life and In Real Life, I focus my attention on a cheeky exploration of the commonplace trappings of childhood, and the role of gender-branded toys in instilling skewed societal values from an early age. Vanities, kitchenettes, toy cars, beauty products, pink shag carpet — all of these and more seemingly innocuous set pieces of our romper room days reinforce the toxic messaging about women’s work and self-worth as a function of body image. Messaging that follows adult women into the boardroom and the bedroom.

My visual style is one of density and delicacy, control and chaos, intuition and deliberation. My marriage of concept and technique emphasizes the artifice of the manufactured beauty standards that can obscure our true selves from the world. As the gravitational layers of paint coalesce into “metaphorical skins” and are applied to pared-down emblems of domestic interiors, especially the rich metaphor of the obscured vanity mirror and as I de(con)struct objects, photographs, art that previously held a deeper significance of an ideal image of myself, I illuminate a moment at which we have a chance to truly see ourselves. 

“An Uncomfortable Skin” and “The Beauty Myth”
from the Spring 2017 Brewery Artwalk

Kristine Schomaker is a multidisciplinary artist and art historian living and working at the Brewery artist complex in Los Angeles, California. She earned her BA in Art History and MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge where she studied under Betty Ann Brown and Samantha Fields. In 2014 Kristine founded Shoebox PR aimed at helping artists gain a presence in the art world. It has grown to a company with 3 team members and now represents galleries and art events while still representing individual artists. Kristine is also the editor of Art and Cake a contemporary L.A. Art blog reviewing shows, interviewing art influencers and covering art world events that will impact how the Los Angeles art scene will be remembered. She also recently opened an experimental art space, Shoebox Projects where artists create work during a month long residency. Kristine has taught art history at Antelope Valley College and Pasadena City College, formed an artist collective in Los Angeles and has organized and curated numerous art exhibitions throughout Southern California.

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