KC Armstrong is the Voice of WMAP Creating Inspiration Around the World

ArtQuench Presents;

WMAP Radio The Worlds Most Amazing People

KC Armstrong is bringing inspiration to the world through his experience and the stories of some of the most interesting, caring and creative people in the world. With his wit and passion for sharing the “Good Stuff” KC gives the audience a warm and friendly tone as though you have known him all of your life. KC is all about positive living and has created a platform to become the helpmate to those in the world who deserve a shout out! 

ArtQuench supports the great team at WMAP and hopes that you will take a listen and support and share!

KC, you are one of the worlds most amazing people in our book!


Listen Live at www.WMAPRadio.com

KC Armstrong is best known for his work as a cast member and producer on the ‘Howard Stern Show’, both on radio and television. KC was a permanent fixture on the Stern Show for over a decade.

In addition to the radio, KC also had daily appearances on E! Network and CBS throughout his tenure with Howard Stern. He continues to headline nationally at comedy clubs, working with stars such as Colin Quinn, Dane Cook, Damon Wayans and Gilbert Gottfried. Having appeared in soap operas such as “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns”, KC launched his acting career to the big screen in films like “Secret War” and “Grace in the Storm”.

KC has used the production skills and talent he groomed over the years to create the 3rd most watched variety show on the internet, “KCTV”. Now focusing on helping put amazing professionals in the spotlight, he has created this forum to showcase stand out people doing their thing in the business world. KC Armstrong proudly brings you ‘WMAP Radio’. Get On the Map today with KC so we can hear your story.

If you are an artist, filmmaker, chef, architect, own a restaurant, maybe you help animals or you raise funds for children’s special needs. Anyone who is passionate about what they do and want a great opportunity to get the word out about your business, fundraiser and creative work then we highly recommend you..

Book a 10 Minute Free Radio Interview with KC at WMAP


Also Read the recent article about KC Armstrong at Marc Cubans internet magazine   www.threecommas.com 


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