Goody Grace at the Roxy

On Nov. 1 Goody Grace performed with Gnash at

The Roxy in West Hollywood and the crowd couldn’t get enough!

ArtQuench Correspondent Kiriakos Stavropoulos gives us his take on the show.


What an exciting night of music. All of the openers for up and coming superstar Gnash were phenomenal but the stand out for this young, hip sold out crowd at the legendary Roxy Theatre were all super excited for Goody Grace when he came out. He had the crowd going wild.

He started out his set with his popular single “Two Shots” which he brought out special guest and the nights headliner Gnash and got the crowd screaming for more!! He’s got that band boy appeal to him a la Justin Timberlake and even the current superstar Justin Bieber and a flare of Shawn Mendes.


Goody was very charming, fun, laid back and super excited to be there and see his fans sing along to his set.  He was happy to take pictures on and off stage and also extremely talented with the guitar as well and I predict huge things for this guy. Very impressive performance!  Awesome music and a great show all around!!


Watch his newly released video for his single “Memorie$” which features Jesse Rutherford from The Neighborhood. 

Great News!


ArtQuench Gallery is holding 2 new art contests with a very low entry fee of 5.95 per image!

“Illusions” and “My Life in Color” Oct. 15 – Nov. 15, 2016


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