Photographer Duke Shoman Captures the Importance of the SubPAR Hero Everyday Life

DUKE SHOMAN at the Sofitel Beverly Hills

Everyone Has a Story

By; Stacia Gates

On October 13,2016 Duke certainly created a buzz and packed in the celebrities as he circled the room with a high energy of confidence and an awakening tone as he spoke of his SubPAR series.

ArtQuench attended this class “A” event and here is how we saw it.



We are born and then we are to grow through the environment given that will build our level of confidence, that will establish the kind of thought process we will assume is normal and we will eventually walk alone in adulthood trying to figure out a path that fits the past comprehension of living. Most find that the continuation of what is familiar is the most comfortable but some of us find that seeking our own way becomes much more beneficial in pursuing our dreams. Although this is a hard road to take, it seems that the alternative would be just as tough.

Everyone has a story, some much more dramatic than the next but all meaningful to the participants in each scenario. If we look at the idea that people in general are good in soul and can be inspirational and helpful to one another, then we can see that no matter the path before we can change the pattern. What about love you might ask. Love is always there, but some choose to hold its existence in dark places that may be familiar.

In Duke Shoman’s SubPAR photographic series of work we can find many things that are disturbing to some and familiar to others. Duke captures life’s everyday examples of normality to those who have chosen a continuation of pattern.

Duke’s images spell out the explanation of how even Super Heroes have issues. If finding one image that can touch the viewer in a way that they can reflect on how we all can feel linked and know that no one  is  invincible then it is a job well done.

We introduce to you a brilliant artist with a fantastic way of showcasing the human spirit. It may come across strange to some but it is moving and electric to those who are capable of joining in another’s walk of life.






Duke Shoman and Stacia Gates

Celebrity guests included Patrik Simpson and Pol’ Atteu and Jennifer Bentson


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