ArtQuench Introduces Marcia Lee Jones

ArtQuench Magazine Presents

Photographer Marcia Lee Jones

We can all discover new talents within ourselves if we explore and seek new challenges and Marcia shows us that even later in life we are still capable of learning and growing and creating new successes. We introduce Marcia Lee Jones a photographer whose work is clever in composition and intriguing to the imagination. Marcia captures life and its surroundings through the windows of her soul.

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones 01 Red Door IMG_5540

The Red Door

I am what is known as a “late bloomer”.  During my life, there have been various roles I have taken on:  wife, mother, amateur landscaper, my own herbal business, working in commercialism and lastly as a photographer.

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones headshot 2012 04 09_4306_edited-1

All of the above were enjoyable but photography was a serious enterprise to begin at age 60.  My husband bought me my first digital camera, and that was it for me.  This was all I really wanted to do.  Photography wasn’t  new to me; I have been taking pictures of family and friends for years.

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones Family 2013 05 26_3866_pe sm 500 (002)

Biggest fans:  Sabrina (daughter), Doug (husband) & Josh (son).


I did think I have an eye for composition but with the digital camera the sky was almost unlimited in taking images; now I wasn’t limited to just 24/35 images with film. I can take pictures of all that interests me, which is thrilling for me! A new serious passion later in life is exciting and daunting.  I choose to teach myself about the camera and I do have a good eye for composing a picture.

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones Bethlehem steel building 2011 02 08_6846 (002)

Bethlehem Steel Building, PA

There are some challenges for the late starter, but they can be overcome with perseverance and knowing you have talent for this type of career.  Shyness has been a big hurdle for me because as with any artistic endeavor you have to sell yourself to the public.  But I keep pushing against this personal barrier everyday to get my name and work recognized which can make life easier financially.

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones 1st one woman show IMG_3848 People

First speech at my one woman show in NH

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones 1st big show at the Banana Factory 2011 03 22_7108_edited-1

First show at the Banana Factory in PA

And then you can see yourself making progress.  Another challenge for me is not having a theme such as being a landscape photographer solely. Abstracts are my favorite subject but they aren’t for everyone; I would be bored doing just one subject, so I do most everything.

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones 1st published book on abstracts DSCN5512

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones Reflections Beneath and Above not sure to use

Beneath And Above

ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones Reflections Ghost with camera not sure to use

Ghost with camera


ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones Summer Fun IMG_0050

Summer Fun



ArtQuench Magazine Marcia Lee Jones Country Living IMG_0089_pe (002)

Country Living


As long as I have good health, I’ll be doing my artwork.  There are benefits to being in this field;  getting out in nature, travel to new places and meeting interesting people along the way.  For all those in their later years, find what makes your heart tick faster and go with it.

Remember there is excitement out there just waiting for you to grab hold of it.


There are several photographers whom I admire.  John Isaac, who was the photographer for the United Nations.  John has a lovely life story to share with others and I was lucky enough to have met him.  Vivian Maier, who was anonymously talented black and white photographer.Vivian was discovered within the last few years by a young man, who gave her world wide recognition after she tragically died in poverty.  Sally Mann, who because famous/infamous for taking nude pictures of her young children and lastly, Jerry Uelsmann, who had a retrospective of 50 years in photography at the Peabody Museum, in Salem, Mass.  His forte was combining images in the printing process, which became magical.

Marcia Lee Jones                

Submissions for Creative Masters III are now open

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