Jackalope Art Fair In Pasadena A Big Hit!

Another Great Weekend At Jackalope Art Fair

Out and About with ArtQuench

We Share our findings of some of the best and most original Arts and Crafts

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ArtQuench Magazine Jackalpoe Art Fair 01

We began our treasure hunt with some incredible WildBerry Lavender ice cream at;

 Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

This was so good we had to go back for more! ArtQuench says…We are a big fan and will be a life long customer.

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Jenis Splendid Ice Cream

See all flavors 

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Our ice creams have a uniquely smooth texture and buttercream body, with bright flavor and clean finish (we don’t use synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes). You may notice the absence of a long list of stabilizers and emulsifiers on our label; we prefer the more complex process of building texture and flavor without them. Our flavors stand alone straight from the pint or melt perfectly into a fruit pie, birthday cake, crumble, crisp, or cookie—the perfect accessory for your dessert.


Next we met an illustrator named Sterenn who caught our attention with her storybook images made with delicate lines and soft colors. Sterenn’s artwork takes you into a wonderland and allows the viewer’s imagination to create a story with each illustration. Her playfulness with the animals is heartwarming and is sure to sell!

You can connect with Sterenn on Instagram @STERENNRAOUL or Check out her shop at


ArtQuench Magazine Sterenn Artist illustrator JackalopeArtQuench Magazine Artist illustrator Sterenn JackalopeArtQuench Magazine Artist illustrator Sterenn o2 Jackalope

Another Artist who creates with our animal friends is Mercedes Escobedo-Crulz

“Make Damn Art” Her work represents nature with a spiritual sense and an understanding of the role nature has played throughout our world.

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Make Damn artArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Make Damn art. 02pg
ABOUT Mercedes
 Mercedes Escobedo-Crulz is an American artist, focusing mainly in mixed media painting.

Mercedes was born in Los Angeles and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where she attended the School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, with a concentration in sculpture.Mercedes’ artistic work began in the forge with the creation of intricate metal sculptures. However, she soon traded in the hammer and torch for the paintbrush and easel, which fit much more comfortably in a two bedroom townhouse. After her shift in mediums, Mercedes’ style continued to grow and evolve in terms of style and technique.

She draws her influences from artistic elements found in Surrealism, Minimalism, and the Feminist art movements. Her content is inspired by nature and folklore, anthropomorphism, and animals as spiritual guides. She is intrigued by the historical roles that animals have played and what they represent to the cultures of the world.

Mercedes aims to explore how animals can represent strength, weakness and other human aspects that we can connect to on an emotional level. Her art strives to connect humans with nature and craft a harmonious balance, in tune with one’s surroundings and the Earth itself, along with the creatures that roam the land. Mercedes has crafted her own personification of nature, a tree woman she has christened Ent Wife, who symbolizes Mother Nature who is never without her ever-present animal subjects.

When she is not working, Mercedes spends her spare time attending concerts, hiking and traveling the world looking for animals to meet. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband and two dogs.


Next Door we found a jewelry designer Farra Fibel whose passion was driven as a child watching her grandfather create jewelry in his garage for his family and friends. He was a true inspiration as  he took classes in lapidary, metalsmithing and more. His hobby to Fara was key to inspiring and teaching her how to design jewelry from different materials. Farra is continuing to learn new skills from her grandfather and fulfilling her love and passion of jewelry making.

We recommend that you check out her website!


ArtQuench Magazine Bohemianhoney 02 JackalopeArtQuench Magazine Bohemianhoney Jackalope

Nature Photographer Julie Horton stunned us with her amazing images of Humming Birds. Julie studied photography in school and has mastered the craft of capturing the beauty of  the winged species with just the right movement and color.


ArtQuench magazine Julie Horton 02 jackalopeArtQuench Magazine Julie Horton Jackalope 01

Artist Mark Brunner gave us a look into his world of humans, trees and robots. We found his artwork to be imaginative with a clear but deep intuitive understanding of our past, present and future. 


ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Human Tree Robot 01

“My inspiration comes from a subject, usually solitary, presented in a lean environment, surrounded by color that enshrouds and highlights. I choose a single subject to convey the idea of focusing on the one in order to better understand the collective. In the instance of a tree, we engage one tree, before knowing the care, or use, of many. With a human figure (or pair); who we are as individuals helps us to better understand a couple, a group, a society. A series of robots stand silently, touching on the benefits or dangers of technology. In these subjects, I explore underlying themes of human exploration, journey and balance.”


ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Human Tree Robot 02


Children’s Illustrator Jillian Altmeyer is currently working on a series of post card sized paintings that promote awareness of different kinds of endangered animals. Her goal is…” To inspire young adults and children to want to grow up to help make needed changes in our world. Jillian says…”Together we can make it a safer and more kind place for all creatures!” ArtQuench says…keep up the great work!



ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Squid Brains Jillian Altmeyer 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Squid brains Jillian Altmeyer 02


We met natural jewelry designer Sandra Lopez who specializes in creating beautiful pieces of wearable art from organic material. “We utilize biodegradable material in unconventional ways to create exquisite, handcrafted pieces of wearable art.” Sandra not only has a passion to be environmentally conscious but creates each piece by hand with love and care!


ArtQuench Magazine ECO JE 02 jackalopeArtQuench Magazine ECO JE Jackalope 01


Johanna Whetstone takes a new twist on a vintage classic. “I love the history (its been around since 1960s!), fabulous colors and timelessness of Swistraw. The ladies who used it were my kind of ladies! I decided Swistraw just needed a new purpose. The simple a cuff, a lovely necklace or even a wreath!” ArtQuench finds the new use of this product from the past an original way to bring some nostalgia into fashion for those of us who like to be reminded of the days past.


ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Ruby Bufalo 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Ruby Buffalo 02


Crystal is another creative artist whose designs are a blast from the past. “I love art. I love all things creative. I stumbled across the idea of string art by chance and fell in love. String art is not a new thing, it was hugely popular more than four decades ago. So what’s different about my designs? They’re modern, they’re fresh, they’re unique and there is thought put into each and every design. I love what I do and my designs grow and evolve everyday. Follow along with me on this journey!”


ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Thread Therapy 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Thread Threapy 01



Unique rings & jewelry hand-forged from antique keys!

Owners Justin and Lauren work from their home in Santa Monica, California. “Our outdoor workshop sits under a canopy of bottle-brush trees where hummingbirds zip and chirp between hammer strikes! We love it here, and we hope that love is shown in the jewelry we create.” They have a life many dream of… doing exactly what they were meant to do as they walk through their journey together.


ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Goat and Kettle 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Goat and Kettle 02

Are you ready for something cool and totally different?


Stella Divina

It wasn’t always so easy…..

“Stella Divina began during one Holiday Shopping Season. Money was tight and I knew that I had to start thinking in the fall, and get super-creative to be able to satisfy my holiday shopping list. So I combined my skills, creativity, and imagination, and came up with some of the coolest handmade gifts. My upcycled home décor pieces were a Holiday success! Everybody wanted one.”

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Stella Divina 02ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Stella Divina 01


And Now It’s Time For Some Good Eats…..

We just had to try some Orange Clementine pound cake and OMG! We had to buy the pound cakes and the cookies!! Clementina and Diane are amazing women who have a presence that makes you feel like family. If you are looking for a gift that goes beyond a gift basket their crates full of cakes, cookies and gourmet foods will be a delight to anyone who is lucky enough to receive it!

“Our California cakes and cookies taste like sunshine!  Orange and Lemon Pound Cakes have an amazing and refreshing flavor and aroma. We use fresh California oranges and lemons to flavor our cakes.  Cookies are baked with zest and natural oils to bring out the best natural flavors of citrus.  Orange and Lemon Sugar Cookies and Shortbread butter cookies are hugged with orange flavor, and lemon cookies are kissed with lemon zest.”



ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Orange Clementine 02ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Orange Clementine 01


Jan Hogrewe changed her career after 20 years as a producer in the film industry to the founder of a line of natural spreads and curds. Jan has always had a love of cookbooks and food. Now she is sharing her passion for cooking with the public by offering amazing fruit spreads, marmalades and curds. It started from a Kadota fig tree in her back yard and with great support from her friends and family has blossomed into a successful business. 



ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Just Jans Inc 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Just Jans Inc. 02


Gustus Vitae unique collections of gourmet salts and artisan seasonings allow you to create your special dishes with added color and flavor that is perfect for your family and guests. You can choose from a pre-set combination or make your own. Whether you are a professional chef or someone who just loves to cook for the family this is where you can find exactly what you need to create those amazing recipes.

“Gustus Vitae Condiments mission is to share the magic of cooking. Our name means ‘Taste of Life’ in Latin: we’re for getting the spices off the rack and onto your plate. For trying new things. For making food taste spectacular.”

Gustus Vitae

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Gustus Vitae 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Gustus Vitae 02


We had to try John Kessler’s Infinity Sauces to see what all the buzz around his booth was. Wow! We certainly understand why everyone wanted to keep tasting these outstanding flavors. We were lucky enough to purchase our favorites.


“What does late night kitchen geek, John Kessler, do when he grew too many habaneros one summer?

He hand crafts award winning hot sauces that focus on complex layers of textures that are designed to stimulate your palate, not burn your taste buds. 

They are Sauces for Infinite Uses

We make every effort to source local ingredients and support organic and sustainable farming practices.

Award winning, hand crafted, small batch hot sauces for infinite uses. What’s on your plate?”

Infinity Sauces

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Infinity Hot Sauce 01ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope Infinity Hot Sauce 02

The food truck area is very popular with the enticing smells of delicious dishes being served.

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope 10

Jackalope guests Lauren Fujikuni and Oscar Martinez enjoyed some good eats while shopping.

ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope food trucks 02ArtQuench Magazine Jackalope food trucks 01

The Jackalope art fair is an incredible find itself offering a wide variety of specialty items from gourmet eats to some of the very best artistic designers who create crafts from unique materials. This group of artisans are truly passionate about their crafts and it shows in their willingness to share their story with you as you view their amazing creations.

Jackalope Arts & Craft Fair is the place to be to always find one of a kind gifts and treasures. 

Submissions for Creative Masters III are now open

aq AQM Creative Masters ADD
























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