Jon Evan Glaser’s “From the Outside In” Photography Exhibit

Substrate Fine Art Gallery is Pleased to Present;

Jon Evan Glaser during the month of October.

Glaser will be at the Opening Reception on October 3rd, 2015 from 7 pm to 10 pm.

RSVP   DJ Set // Complimentary Beer & Wine.

709 North Ridgewood Place in Los Angeles, California 90038.

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This will be the artist’s first U.S. exhibit outside his current home state of Florida. The photographic work comes directly from Art Monaco.
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Imaginary Waters – 38×56


In 2012, I was surfing the Internet and came across a picture of a lake. There was no description of where it was located, but I was amazed by the color of the water and knew that I had to see it in-person. After a little research, I learned that the water that made me say “Wow!” was the extremely popular Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada, and it’s one of the images that grace Canadian currency. I booked my trip to Canada and was able to capture a unique moment of the lake despite the clouds and sunrise seemingly not willing to cooperate. Timing is everything in landscape photography, but it’s also important to remember, “It only takes one!”


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Through the Waters 38×56


While in Iceland, I reluctantly agreed to follow some friends up the side of a mountain to get behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. I put on my waterproof jacket and followed the others through the icy cold water. I put my camera under my shirt to keep it dry and began to scramble 15-20 feet over rocks, only to realize that my glasses were going to be of no use!  After making in to the back-side of the waterfall, I spent 10 minutes or so fighting water spray to get this image, then reversed my route back through the sheet of water dreaming of the warm and dry van waiting for us at the base of the mountain. Well, when I arrived back to the vehicle, I found out – the hard way – that my waterproof jacket was anything but!
kimberly goodnight Jon Evan Glaser 02

I Remember Now – 38×56


This image is of Ruby Beach, located in Olympic National Park. I captured this photograph while waiting for my friend Andy to finish up his shoreline shooting. What started as a generic scene evolved to something special when I saw him working in the last remaining light. I recognized the strong composition and grabbed my camera to capture a calm and still scene.

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