SNAP! PRO iPhone 6/6S Case has launched their pre-order opportunities through KickStarter starting at $49

SNAP! PRO iPhone 6/6S Case

Has launched their pre-order opportunities through KickStarter starting at $49.

This puts the ease and convenience in taking photos with your phone. 

There are so many fun options that will change the look of your phone and take smart phone photography to the next level.

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SNAP!PRO, The Best iPhone 6/6S Case for Snapping a Shot

The iPhone 6/6S case with a shutter button, interchangeable grips,
tripod hole and solid protection for snapping shots on the go.
Pre-Order NOW
SNAP!PRO starts with $49.
For more information, please visit the kickstarter page:
Official Website
Los Angeles, Calif., Sept 1st, 2015 — Bitplay Inc., a lifestyle brand that successfully launched the well-received iPhone 6/6+ case SNAP!6 last year, recently just unveiled SNAP!PRO, a redefined and reengineered iPhone 6/6S case with more powerful features. Besides the signature shutter button and interchangeable lenses, the redesigned SNAP!PRO also includes a few newly-added features such as interchangeable grips, functional strap hole, steadiness-enhanced thumb rest and dual-material protective bumper. The best thing is, it is also tripod-compatible.

“We are makers and we love taking photos. As much as we love our digital cameras and DSLRs, iPhones have become our go-to camera because they are always with us. But, no matter how powerful iPhones are, we still think there’s room for improvement as a camera. We were getting tired of using the touch screen or volume button to snap a shot. The posture was awkward and the shot sometimes ended up shaky and blurry. We miss the feeling of taking pictures with an actual “camera.” That is why over the past few years, we have been searching for ways to make snapping shots on our iPhone as friendly, intuitive and fun as possible,” said Jack Chang, CEO and Founder of Bitplay. SNAP!6 was then born. Learning from the SNAP!6 campaign, this year Bitplay are back with a better, more powerful SNAP!PRO and this is their best one yet.

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The new SNAP!PRO is greatly enhanced and packed with the following features.

Physical Shutter Button
The built-in shutter button makes snapping a shot as easy and intuitive as it is with a digital camera. With the newly-reinforced and patent-pending mechanical design, the placement of the shutter button now is spot on, the response is vastly improved and it is now perfect for taking photos with a single hand. No more awkward posture and no batteries or bluetooth-pairing are needed. Insert your iPhone into the case and slide up the camera shortcut on the screen to open the app, voila, it’s done.

Interchangeable Ergonomic Grip
To better replicate the feeling when holding a digital camera, we need a thicker grip for taking photos with our iPhones. However, we would also love to have a case that can easily fit into our pockets for everyday use and this is a dilemma that all camera case makers have faced. SNAP!PRO now offers an easy solution. The grip is made interchangeable with two types of thickness based on ergonomics. Choose the grip that you feel most comfortable under the circumstances and feel the iPhone in your hand just like how you would use a real camera with a single hand.

Interchangeable Lenses
SNAP!PRO offers a great variety of lenses to choose from. If you wish to do a landscape or group shot, try the wide-angle or ultra-wide angle lens. They also offer macro lens for shooting small objects in close-ups. Or, if you are eager to try something more professional, use the CPL lens or 3X Telephoto lenses. Whatever the occasion, they’ve got you covered.

Functional Strap Hole
Attaching a wrist strap for your own liking and never drop your iPhone ever again when taking pictures.

Steadiness-Enhanced Thumb Rest
The newly added thumb rest makes the grip even more solid, secure and comfortable. Taking a steady shot is now easier than ever.

Better Protection
Comparing with SNAP! 6, SNAP!PRO is reinforced with dual-material protection for the inner casing to absorb shock, withstand drop and help protect your iPhone.

A tripod hole was added to SNAP PRO so now you can do more with you iPhone. With this additional feature, you can set up the tripod and use your iPhone to take group shots, time-lapse, night views and landscape. Now, there are more possibilities as to what we can do with mobile photography.
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About Bitplay Inc.
Founded in 2009, bitplay has a small team of 6 exceptional individuals coming from a wide range of diverse background, including industrial design, visual communication and interaction design. With years of solid experience from the industries, bitplay’s member has been recognized for its innovative design and won a numerous internal awards such as iF Design, Red Dot Design, Good Design and Golden Pin Design.
Starting 2010, bitplay has dedicated its resources to bring innovative ideas together to develop self-branded products that are focused on creating fun and inspiring user experiences. This has resulted in a great number of press coverage from TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Apartment Therapy, Core77, Designboom and New York Times Magazine.

TM & © 2015 Bitplay Inc. All rights reserved.
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