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Amy Elizabeth Harper Shares News and New Work




“Creating a new etching embodies two different experiences for me. Its an odd pairing, however utilizing my compulsion for this process while letting go of my hopes and control for the new work is what makes it great for me. I start with a portrait of someone I know or an idea of a face I want to make. While working everyday on their portrait, everything that I experience and feel I take with me into my work. On days of high tension or struggle, my work is tight and the lines are usually overworked. Those lines always etch outwards rather than down because I am too forceful with this delicate process at that time. Other days I work loose and gestural. I allow the process to take over and I just let it be. I start by creating a portrait of another and I end up with a chronologically ordered narrative of myself. My viewers are always looking at my self portraits.”

Title: ” i let it go ” 18 ” x 24″ soft round etching and painting

Amy Elizabeth Harper i let it go2  0002 ok

Title: ” unlearn ” 4 x 5 ft. oil 

Amy Elizabeth Harper unlearn 0002 ok

Amy is currently working on “The Future Present Project” 

The mission of “The Future Present” is to bridge the current gap between art history and the contemporary. Monuments and national treasures around the globe draw tourists to these locations by the millions. The history of Italy remains largely preserved in the very streets that we can walk through, however, we cannot take the actual experiences of the past with us into our daily lives. “The Future Present” will create a relatable connection with the perspectives of historical figures from the past, into our contemporary minds.

Read about the project at;

Amy Elizabeth Harper 0005 Untitled

Amy Elizabeth Harper photo1c 0002 ok

Amy Harper is spending her summer working out of the Tiara Arts Studio in the Bighorn Mountain Canyons in Southern California. She is currently working on a series of paintings which revisit her former training and thought process as an abstract painter and figurative printer. Two of her etchings have been accepted to be exhibited at the 2015 International Biennale of Palermo in Italy. Amy is continuously working towards artistic evolution within her intaglio and painting practices and she plans to move towards new metal fabrication works later this year.


View more of Amy’s work at;


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