Introducing RAW Artist/Photographer Sam Smith

Photographer Sam Smith’s 

creative mind and natural talent

bring life to his photographs 

through stroytelling.

We met up with Sam at the RAW Arts event in Hollywood, Ca.

As we made our way around, viewing much art and meeting the talented creators

it was only too easy to notice this artists unique and clever way

his eye viewed his subjects through the lens.  Sam’s work is full of inspiration

and for those of you engaging in the art of photography, we are sure you will find his skill impressive.

We introduce to you Sam Smith.

RAW artist Sam Smith

What’s up everyone and thank you for your time. My name is Sam Smith, and I’m a photographer. I was a kid (and sometimes still believe so) who thought he was blessed with super powers, so immediately I was strange, and naturally strange goes hand in hand with being artistic. Never made out to be a sketcher or illustrator as a kid, but I took a huge interest into photography, also being that one of my first toys was a huge green Polaroid camera and my first camera ever.


I would set up my G.I. Joe’s, Power Rangers, Godzilla monsters, and create these fight scenes and photograph them. Unfortunately, these photographs are nowhere to be found now because I probably ruined them back then too. It was never a thought that I would end up being a photographer, ever.


In my high school years, I was really into the skateboarding and music scene, and after some realization I wasn’t that awesome at either, nor being a student, I had to think of what else interested me that I wasn’t totally terrible at, and then popped up photography again. I really didn’t know where to begin or what I wanted to do, until I stumbled upon the work of legend and Queen of Photography; Annie Leibovitz. From there on I knew I wanted to be a portrait photographer, and for crossing my seven-year mark in January I’ve been working as hard and as much as possible to making that happen for myself.


Photography has taken me to some pretty awesome places, met a lot of people through it, and for being a 23 year old semi-professional photographer, I’m not doing too bad for myself. As most photographers and artists out there, I’m completely self-taught learning by trial and error. As you can tell from my first portrait work going from this:

RAW artist Sam Smith 02

RAW artist Sam Smith 03


To this:

RAW artist sam Smith 04

RAW artist Sam Smith 05


About a year and a half ago I became really interested in story telling, really making my audience look at my pictures and get lost in the story, naturally having them wonder how this story happened, what happened before, and what’s next to come. I also write short stories in my downtime, which in most cases turns in a photo series. I want my audience to see my passion, my drive, my stories, and my progression through my photographs, and hopefully sometime I can hit the highest achievement a photographer can get which is having someone say, “you’re my favorite photographer.” Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.


Sam Smith

 For more information

Instagram : @SamThePhotographer 



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