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Hi Everyone!

I’m a teacher in graphic digital media at the Federal University of Paraiba ( Brazil) and I work with pedagogical projects in arts and communication.

In the preview post I published a short video with the demonstration of this portrait.

Below I posted some pictures and you will see the results in large pictures.


 The paper is very important in this Technique. I used Paper Fabriano fine Grain 300 gr/m² and I fixed with paper tape, because I will use water in the paper and I don´t want  the fibers to cause deformation in the paper.


 In this first moment I decided to produce all the art without skecth. This exercise is intended to explore the technique of brushes and painting. When We use a Skecth, We are using a technique that we already know how to use and that  is not the point of the exercise. I want that the student use a tool that He doesn´t feel confortable all the time.


 I created an entire area with the form of the picture that I want to illustrate. This area is important because You need to have the comprehension of space of the character in the area, composition and basic color.


 In this step of process I use just one color, because I want to create all the forms, shadows and lights (In this case I used the blank paper) before starting the paint. For me this step is a study of the character and I can change everything that I think is necessary. Then, I use others colors.


 Be careful with density of paint. You need to pay attention to not use a huge mass of tint in your brush.  Then will be very hard paint on the area with other colors.


Finish the first step.


Let´s choose our paints!


 I decided to use analogue tones in this work. I used with color base the yellow and I will use the brown tones and their basics colors (blue, red and yellow). This decision can be changed for any student, but I recommend understanding the color theory (that I will explain in future posts) to establish a good combination of colors.


 I like to experiment a single line and see if this color is adequate or not. Some people prefer to use a palette to test the colors… I prefer to paint and look the result on the work.


 Second step is ready. I just use brown tones this time.


 I really like to saturate my artworks, so I will use the yellow very brilliant. This color is a question of preference. If you want a work more opaque, choose for a palette with few saturate colors.


 The 03 step is ready.


 I will work the background and try to bring upfront my character. I also will take off the lines in my character and stylize the form of it.


 Step 04 is ready.


 Now I will establish a cold temperature in my art. I divide the color temperature of my paint in three parts. The first part, (hair and forehead) I use middle tones. In the second part (eyes, nose, lips) I use strong tones, because that´s the part that We have more blood circulation and We can use more reads and others strong colors.

The last part (neck, clothes) I use cold colors like blue. With this tecnique, I force my reader to pay attention at the part with more details in a portrait.


Look at this portrait I made without a preview sketch, just brushes and patience.

The time is important, because You need to establish the quality of your work and artistic solutions depending on the time you have to finish the work. This will help you to have discipline.

Remember: This is just an exercise and you can use your style and imagination to create any portrait that you want.


Be Inspired and…


Hey kids, thanks for sharing!

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