ArtQuench Facebook Friends Suggest We Listen!

ArtQuench Shares

A very original performance

by the talented musician Nick Heyward.

Our facebook friends sent us a link to another song and when we

investigated we found that this artist not only had multiple songs to choose from

but that he was truly living the life chosen for him.

This should be an inspiraration to us all. Whether you are singing in the kitchen or painting

in the garage, or helping to feed hungry children, we hope that you use the gifts you were given

and find some time to live the life you were chosen for.

Nick Heyward official website

Nick Heyward

  • Nick Heyward
  • Nick Heyward is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for being the frontman of the early 1980s band Haircut One Hundred, and also had a briefly successful solo career after he left the band in 1983. Wikipedia

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