ArtQuench Presents Facebook Friend Satyajit Chanda

ArtQuench Presents Artist Satyajit Chanda

We discovered artist Satyajit Chanda through facebook.

His paintings are very expressive and full of life.

We asked Satyajit to share his story with us.


Right from childhood I have been interested in clay modeling . My very first and momentous experience with clay was when I  made alphabets with clay at four years of age. Consequently I always want to use clay when I learned words too. While pursuing further studies and an art course, I learned drawing and painting. Due to this , I deviated from clay modeling. I developed an interest in nature  at this time. I used to love to represent the beauty of nature with water colours. For seven years I painted the different moods of nature with water colour on hand made paper.


My  Childhood teacher who was a sculptor, advised me to study Western Style Painting(Oil Medium)from Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta(West Bengal, INDIA).From 1993 to 1998 pursued a Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A),Western style & secure a 1st class. I fine tuned my skills here about perspective, still life images, life nude study (drawing&sketch),water colour, paintings (landscape), portrait drawing (Oil medium) and live painting, Composition etc. I also studied lino cut , line etching and lithography (monochrome)..Gradually I started developing on interest in graphic medium which I was further enhanced by German expressionist Print makers like Otto Dix , Max Bekman, Emil Nolde, Picasso’s mezzo tint and Rembrant’s line etching.


Later on , in 1998-2000 I moved to Baroda to pursue my Post Graduation in Graphics medium at Maharaja Swyajirao University , Baroda , Gujarat (India). Here I developed my Etching & Aquatint, Lithography (Black&White , Colour), Serigraphy, Mix medium graphic art work . I  secured 1st class in Master of Fine Arts. I was granted a scholarship  from Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad in the year 2000,as a Graphic Artist.Then ,in 2001 , I taught Graphic Art at Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology. (CEPT Campus) Ahmedabad as a visiting Faculty.


Now I am living in Mumbai as a freelance artist.

I was awarded Junior Fellowship from Ministry of Human Resources govt of INDIA and Lalit Kala Academy Gujarat ,Bombay Art Society Award. My solo Exhibitions have been held at Academy of Fine Arts , Kolkata , Ruchika Art Gallery, GOA Chhatapati Shivaji Vastu Sangahalay Prince of Wales Museum and AKS Gallery (Andheri, Mumbai India). I  have  also exhibited in a group show at Bharat Bhavan , Bhopal .Shimeesha Art Show , Roots of Bengal Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalor , Shimeesha Art Show ,Baroda and other locations such as Hyderabad , Ahmedabad , Kolkata etc . I have also participated in Annual Exhibitions  held at Birla Academy and Academy of fine arts , Kolkata , Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, Gujarat Lalit Kala Academy, Indian Art Exhibition  state Leavel, Ahmedabab and Delhi Lalit Kala Academy.

Satyajit Chanda OK  4

About My Work:

Satyajit Chandra’s work stylistically blends the world of graphics, poster art and popular kitsch in an effortless way .Using compelling imagery, the clear uncluttered canvas makes a strong statement conveying  his art feelings and ideology with amazing clarity. Exploring the nature of feminine within modernity, one senses his anger and grief, and yet he is also able to explore the archetype charge of Eros that is inescapable; the feminine form carrying Aphrodite energy, often at the cost of the personal self:  the robotic salesgirl surrounded by the drapery and persona of what will turn her into ‘woman’ . The gaze of the collective about the feminine, in its power and shadow is aptly revealed in Satyajit’s works. Satyajit’s  work truly contemporary  in the best sense of it: In content he  explores his own contemporaneous social cultural space, in style he sophisticated  and translates elements of modern popular culture, and the ideology of his iconography reveals a complex,multifaceted exploration of subject and not simplistic judgement.

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