ArtQuench Presents; Stephanie Holznecht

ArtQuench Presents Resident Artist

Stephanie Holznecht

We would like to welcome Stephanie to the ArtQuench family!

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Stephanie H. OK  Me Hedburg Library Galleria Solo Exhibition Dec.2013

Stephanie shares her story..

I am originally from the Southeast Coast of England and immigrated with my family to the United States at the age of nineteen.

Stephanie H. Tower Bridge

I have a brother and sister.  Both who live in the same city as I do.  Over the years we have remained very close friends. Neither of them picked up the ability to create artwork.  They have both gone on to create their own worlds of business.

(My sister Amanda and me)

Stephanie H. Amanda (sister) and me approx age 7

Stephanie H. Amanda and me approx age 25

(Me and my brother Richard)

Stephanie Me & Richard (brother) approx age 16

My formative years growing up were filled with the beauty of my surroundings and the constant need to draw and sketch.  I began drawing at a young age and was capable of copying an image of any animal almost perfectly by the age of 9.  I drew in pencil in those early days, up grading to pen and ink in my mid teens, adding in watercolor as well, animals remained my subject of choice for many years.

(My artwork from my early years)

Stephanie H. Elephant - younger yearsStephanie H. Cheetah - younger yearsStephanie H. Rhinocerous - younger yearsI attended university upon arrival in the U.S. and obtained a BA in graphic design and fine art. While at college I was the graphic designer and editor of the arts newsletter, and managed the university student art gallery for two years.

After university I worked as a graphic designer and art department supervisor for the Parker Pen Company, and left to become the art director at Panoramic Inc., a packing company, over the course of 10 years.  During that time I maintained my connection with the fine art world by concentrating on realism in pen and ink and acrylic painting.  Over the years I have also attended my workshops in a diverse range of art and design subjects to enhance my growth as a professional artist.

Stephanie H. Panoramic Inc. Catalog -OK     approx date 1988

Stephanie H. Scroll Art Count Down to Christmas OK    - approx date 1988

My current artistic style has changed dramatically from earlier years, moving from realism into a more abstract painting, mixed media, and collage artist.  Collage taking a backseat to my abstract painting.

(Collage artwork)

Stephanie H. Arf - collage

Stephanie H. Easter Bunny Lost - collage

My abstract painting is eclectic in nature, as I am forever pushing the bar and trying different mediums and techniques.  My main focus, however, has been using fluid acrylics, and at times adding to these other mediums.  I find fluid acrylic to be a rather challenging medium.  I am guaranteed a different result with each painting I create.  This is an exciting process that requires a level of skill that I continue to improve upon, as I control the outcome of each piece I produce.

Stephanie H. Door County Sunset - 2

Stephanie H. Inside booth arrangement - Irish Fest Art Fair

I never get bored with the use of this medium.  Layering the paint is my specialty.  This technique produces a pleasing result, guaranteed to appear different with each painting.

( My New Studio )

Stephanie H. New art studio second home

(Me and my husband Rick)

Stephanie H. Rick and me approx age 32

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