ArtQuench Gallery Announces Kelly Blevins Winner of Art Competition!

ArtQuench Gallery Congratulates Kelly Blevins!

Kelly is the Winner of the Oct. “Haunted” Art Competition.

Kelly has won one year of representation with ArtQuench Gallery.

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Kelly tells ArtQuench her story….


Kelly 05_Ghosts_KellyBlevins ok

Winning image titled; “Ghosts”

My Story:
It was 1987, and my family and I lived in a farm house in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia. I was
only 3 years old, but I can still remember most of it, in fact my first memory is of the bat infestation we

Kelly young

My mother told me at night they were just crabs in the walls, I didn’t know what those were and I
had yet to see what was scratching inside the walls behind my bed. So, one night at dusk, my brother
took me outside and we lay on the grass looking up watching the sky grow dark. He’s 5 years older than
I am, and completely different. The sky got a little darker and then this sound started, it got louder and I
looked around until my brother pointed at the house. Bats started filling the sky, it was the most
beautiful thing and I was paralysed with awe. For the rest of my life, this memory stained me with a
fascination with dark matters, shedding a light on the beauty of odd things.

Kelly young2
I was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1984 to loving parents and a big brother. My mother would take me
out to the rocks until one day I walked for the first time hobbling over stones. We moved to West
Virginia, to Pennsylvania and settled in Ohio where I did most of my growing up. At an early age, I
started to notice my mother with a cane, then slowly it became a wheel chair until I was old enough to
know she had degenerate progressive multiple sclerosis. Seeing her physical health fade so fast had a
great impact on me, and I started spending a lot of time drawing in my room. She no longer could do
simple things for herself, the independence she wore proudly was unfairly being taken away.

Kelly family
Out of exhaustion and years of smoking, my father passed away when I was seventeen. He was loving,
strong and protective of his family. With the loss of my father and the deteriation of my mother, my
mind needed somewhere to go, a safe place. And that place was the art room at school. I was
introduced to M.C. Esher, Salvidor Dali, Monet and all the masters of each generation. I was taught
how to properly draw, paint and sculpt. The dark years of my life weren’t over, but now I had
something special, something that I loved, a dream. Eventually, that art teacher would push me to apply
for art school in Pittsburgh, and 10 years later, I still live here and I keep in touch with her online.
The dark matters of life have always hovered over me like a rain cloud, but I have been lucky to have a
safe place inside of art where I can create and live through my work. Most of what I do comes from the
those dark places in the mind, I feel that shedding light on them makes the shadows less frightening.
Like the bats in the farm house, once out of the attic and against the night sky they were beautiful. My
work has been an expression and a continuous journey into the mind, and every stone turned is a piece
of art.

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