ArtQuench Presents Artist Michael LaBua

ArtQuench Presents;  Michael LaBua

An artist with a very creative mind and a true sense of humanity.

It is when we understand the meaning of certain changes in our world we as humans are creating , only then are we capable of correction.

We find Michael’s work to be not only wonderful in his skill and expressive content , but also a clear picture of something gone wrong which allows us to think and open our eyes to future changes needed.

Michael LaBua Vagrant Child

I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1986.

As an artist it is my belief that one must be willing to sacrifice all and reinvent themselves each and every moment for the sole purpose of creating something that strikes a cosmic chord within others.  Art is a communication and expression that lies on its own plane of existence.  This communication takes place internally, a place where normal social means and vocabulary do not exist moreover it deals with ones own personal journey, psyche, humanity, and spirit.  I have chose to paint images that present questions which in turn evoke emotion within the viewer.  I don’t believe in objectivity within art, I believe while viewing works it should be an interaction, an experience between the work and the viewer, where he/she connects with the image putting forth the effort to unravel an understanding and solution of their own comprehension and understanding.

Michael LaBua The Orphans copy

My influences are strange because it was not until later in life, my early twenties, when I began to paint.  Before painting, I spent most of my formative years studying literature, history, poetry, and philosophy.  Still to this day, I feel much closer to writers than visual artists, drawing most of my inspiration from written word.  We our bound by language, it is intrinsic to our livelihood which easily allows writers to invade the readers mind.  Words can transform and shift shape sinking beneath ones skin. They begin to weigh heavy on the heart and mind while challenging every notion, attacking the core of the human psyche.  Writers I admire include Rimbaud, Bukowski, Mojgani, O’Hara, Mayakovsky, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Dostoevsky, Barth, DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, Wittgenstein and many others.

Michael LaBau On Westward_Orphans

I do not believe art can be made with instruction, you simply learn by putting forth effort each day.  In the studio, you are actively searching for aesthetic solutions.  You begin to “see” shapes and form.  Each stroke is another piece to the enigma and the painting begins to speak, calling out to you.  Once you find this pulse, it becomes an full fledged attack for days, weeks, months and years.  Making art is not just a thing you do, it is a commitment and a culmination of one’s entire life.

Michael LaBua The Gaze_Calloused Hope

There really are no rules applied when creating works besides the ones you make for yourself, but I do think there are three components that are key to creating good works.

1. The Human

As human beings we are born into nobility.  We are noble creatures by the very nature of our lineage.  “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself” Im borrowing these words from Anis Mojgani and Carl Sagan because there is no better way to word such notions.  We are all the witnesses of life.  It is through our experiences and virtues of compassion, mercy, patience, love, and empathy that we connect with each other and help one another.  This is where we draw our inspirations from deep down internally and from our exterior world which we share with billions of life forms.  Our thoughts, pains, struggles, bliss, ecstasy, etc. all play a huge role in our survival which we carry into our work.

2.  The Craftsman

This is where one hones their techniques.  It is important to develop one’s “eye” to start seeing volumes, shapes and colors.  Learning about warm and cool palettes, compliments, how colors activate each other, the importance of edges, perspective, the way colors communicate with each other and create intimate dialogues.  This is where you learn and master your tools which are not only limited to paint or brush, it is whatever you would like to bring to the table which becomes tricky because there are literally no rules applied.  You become somewhat of a mad scientist in this stage trying to understand these materials, the chemistry of the pigments, the psychology of mark making, imagery, the headaches of thousands of failures night after night as days, months and years pass by, all for that sweet smell of humility that comes with that one successful moment.  Every failure is a success.

3.  The Artist

The artist is a whole different creature.  This is the impossible task where you some how create a marriage between the sage and the child.  You tame the beast but also set it free.  This creature creates with purpose, has sensibility, holds convictions and most importantly is able to communicate allowing minds to burn like electric fire.

In essence, art is a collective effort made by each individual involved.  It is the same concept as a penny  jar, take one and throw one back.  We are all in this together with the intention of expanding our consciousness and evolution.  It is our duty to give back everything we have borrowed from past generations of artists by adding another piece of the puzzle for those who will come in the future.

Each year I throw out all my old notions and habits from the prior year and start from scratch with new works simply because I do not want to repeat subjects or processes.  I am currently working on three new series.  Two of which are incredibly different in terms of process from my previous works that include 50 works in one of the series and 20 works in the other.  The third series includes 15 large scaled works which hold hints of similarities of previous works in terms of process with much more mark making and covers an entirely different theme.  These works will be released some time between the summer and fall of 2014.

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