ArtQuench Presents; Pete McGrain

ArtQuench Introduces Writer, Director and Filmmaker

Pete McGrain

and his artistic way of using filmmaking to open our eyes and our minds to subjects most tend to keep at bay since these subjects like pollution and waste are not in our comfort zone. Take a look, have a thought and share it with someone. It was great to meet you Pete and we thank you for pouring a foundation for the rest of us to build on.


Hosted by WOODY HARRELSON This powerful documentary
examines the flaws in our systems, the mechanisms that
work against Democracy, the environment, and society
as a whole: From conflicts of interest in politics,
the abuses of corporate power, to a news media that
serves the interests of the few, leading to the
destruction of our ecosystems, over consumption and
warfare. This controversial documentary is in
post production.

Filmmaker Pete McGrain


The signs that there is something wrong with our system are everywhere and with the internet we can easily see each new environmental or humanitarian catastrophe around the world happening in real time. When I stop to consider the amazing things the human race is capable of and then compare that to the world we have created I see this massive gap. There is so much unnecessary destruction and suffering. This film was my attempt to discover the forces that drive our society.  Ethos, in many ways a distillation, was an attempt to draw an overview of the systemic mechanisms that shape our world and how these mechanisms connect.

When I began the film I wanted to point the finger, to blame, but in truth it is ‘our’ consumerism that drives all of this: that causes the wars, the pollution and the waste. We have been, and are still manipulated, but this information is out there if one cares to look. I think it is our moral responsibility as adults to learn the facts and act accordingly and hopefully this film will provoke searching questions and keep the debate rolling.

Lastly, I wanted to defeat the helplessness that so many people feel and offer a tangible way for people to get involved, take direct action and make a real difference. Right now money is all powerful in our system. Once you understand that all money/wealth/power is derived from consumerism it is only a small leap to recognize the incredible power of our consumer choices to bring change.


Hosted by twice Oscar nominated Woody Harrelson, Ethos examines the flaws in our systems, and the mechanisms that work against democracy and the environment. From conflicts of interests in politics and unregulated corporate power, to a news media that serves the interests of powerful elites, ETHOS explores the systems that lead us into over consumption and warfare. Too often the media celebrates aspects of our society that belong in the dark ages, while at the same time ignoring or ridiculing progressive thinking or ideas. Many aspects of the way our systems work almost guarantee our destruction as a society and that’s what this film is about. Fractured societies, poverty, disparity, pollution, warfare. Is there something inherently wrong with the human race? Is that what we should think of ourselves? We have tried to set up forms of law and government that safeguard the public good. But, if the majority of people want to live in peace and justice in a clean environment and we look around at the world and see that isn’t the case, then is our democracy broken? Every time we turn on the TV there is another environmental catastrophe. Our water, our air, poisoned. Why do we allow this? The news shows endless reels of starving refugees fleeing to escape war zones. Why are we still fighting endless wars? Why do we live like this? If these things are happening then they are the logical outcomes to the way our systems work. So, what is wrong with the system? And more importantly, how can we fix it? These are the question Ethos attempts to answer.

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