Art Quench Gallery Presents; Visionary Artist and Publisher Loren D. Adams, Jr.

Art Quench Gallery Presents; Resident Artist Loren Adams

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 Below; Loren Adams with his wife Patricia  “The Crystal Cave” Stabile Objet d’ art NFSloren adams 24


Art-in-action photo jpg of the Artist painting on his new Art-form; the Stabile Objet d’art – N.F.S.

loren adams 21


The Transformation suite Stabile Objet d’art––available “only as the entire suite of 4 pieces” which includes;

the 3 Koa-wood framed oil studies and the stabile itself inside of it’s own 36″ in diameter lighted and motorized

rosewood carousel, lexan display case and pedestal 

The Price is: $125,000.00 USD

loren adams 23

About the Visionary Artist; A 46 years Profile:
Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Occupation: Visionary Artist, Publisher
Born Linton, Indiana September 28th, 1945
Art Education:
* Famous Artist Schools, Westport, Connecticut
* University of Hawaii Maui College – Fine Arts Certificate

Solo Exhibitions:
• 1967 Roseville Municipal Museum, Roseville, California – 1st public exhibition. 1974 Gainsborough Galleries, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1974 – 1979.
• 1979 R.W. Norton Art Gallery & Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana – Retrospective Exhibition. 1979 Vancouver Centennial and Maritime Museum – formal
acquisition & exhibition. 1974 Gainsborough Galleries, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 1980 – 1987 Lahaina Gallery, Kapalua, Maui Hawaii July – August 1987.
• 1987 Lahaina Gallery, Mana Lani Resort, Kona, Hawaii. October 1987 – 1989 Lahaina Galleries, Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, October 1989.
• 1990 Lahaina Gallery, Kapalua, Maui Hawaii, July, August 1990. 1991 Lahaina Galleries, Mana Lani Resort, Kona, Hawaii, July 1991.

Group Exhibitions:
• 1971 National TTT Art Foundation, Santa Cruz, California – group exhibition.
• 1972 The Western White House, San Clemente, California – Gallery of the Masters of the Future, Coronado, California
Requested by U.S. President Richard M. Nixon.
• 1980 – National Archives Museum, Victoria, British Columbia – The Western Arts Society of B.C..
• 1987 Lahaina Galleries, Kaanapali Whaler’s Villiage, Maui, Hawaii.  November 1987
• 1988 – Lahaina Gallery, Newport, Beach Meridian Hotel June 1988.
• 1992 Young Presidents Organization (YPO) World Congress, Grand Wialea Resort, Maui, Hawaii – group exhibit.

Current Exhibitions:
• 1996 Loren Adams Museum of Fine Art, Maui, Hawaii – Retrospective Exhibition 1967 to present on-line.
• 2005 to present, David Brian’s Jewelry and Gallery, Key West, Florida.
• 2005 to present, Bayada Home Health Care, Suite 650, One Main Plaza, Wialuku, Hawaii

• 1979 The R.W. Norton Art Gallery & Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana.
• 1979 The Cummins Fanin Hall Museum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
• 1979 Vancouver Centennial and Maritime Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
• 1994 Grace E. Flint Memorial Library, Eugene, Oregon.
• 1996 to present, Loren Adams Studio/Museum of Fine Art, Makawao, Hawaii

Book references:
• 1979 The R.W. Norton Art Foundation – Loren D. Adams, Jr. A Retrospective Exhibition; exhibition catalogue – The R.W. Norton Art Gallery, Shreveport,
Louisiana – 80 pages color.
• 1982 Samuels, Peggy and Harold – Contemporary Western Artists page 608 color.
• 1994  Vogelsberger Paul, Frances (publisher) Artists In Hawaii 10 pages: Page 18 -27 color.
• 2005 Davenport, Ray – Davenport’s Art Reference: The Gold Edition – Page 242.
• 2005 Inc. Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (Editor) The Artists Bluebook

Magazine references pre-2007:
• 1976 Southwest Art Magazine – 8 page editorial with 12 color plates in the June 1976 edition.
• 1980 McGarry Susan, H. (Editor) Southwest Art Magazine 8 page feature editorial including the cover of the April 1980 issue – color.
• 1987 Haynes Woodburn, Diane Publisher – Pacific Art News magazine – AKA Art to Onions C@1987 – The Dream Awake – National editorial pages 72-78 color.
• 1993 McGarry Susan, H. (Editor) Southwest Art Magazine – Master Index
• 1971-1993 Artists in Southwest Art – page 64.  2001 Doherty, M Stephen – American Artist magazine – Conferences & Competitions March 2001- color.
• 2008 Finley, Jim (Appraiser) Preview Gallery Guide magazine – Confessions of an Art Appraiser – End of the Storm by Loren Adams –  Chapter 15 Friday
November 7th, 2008 – one page color.

National Television:
• 1987 Cash Edwards – Kicking Horse Productions – Syndicated U.S. and Canadian Television – Accelerated Evolution – documentary – 8 minutes.

• 1992 Get Wet; Canadian and U.S. nationally syndicated television – 12 minute documentary.

• 1995 Entertainment Tonight – National Television – ( The Red Rocker ) wedding – Sammy and Kari Hagar – Ceremony performed by Loren D. Adams –

Mt. Tamalpais Amphitheater, Mill Valley, California – 11/21/1995.

Most Important Album Cover:
• 1982 Scott, Jerry – Word Record Corporation, Waco Texas – Wurlitzer on the Waves album cover for Dean Mc Nichols celebrating 35 years of organ music

on the national radio program – From Chicago – The Haven of Rest Broadcast Hour… National distribution U.S. and Canada.

Important Award:
• 2005-06 – International Biannual World Art Contest “The Grand Prize winner” 110 countries – World of Art Publishing Stockholm, Sweden

Critical Acclaim:
• 1992-93 – Critical Acclaim – Video taped interview; “Art in Action” Metatronix Study Group and The Carmel-by-the-Sea Art Collectors Research Association:
Formal Evaluation of the Art works of Loren D. Adams, Jr. by Louis J. Miller, State of California Fine Arts Council, Principal Advisor to Paul Minnicuchi and
Leon Pennetta of the Joint Committee for the Arts in Washington, D.C. – Loren Adams Art termed: “Recognized Quality”

Special Honors: 
• Loren Adams is now included in most of the international Who’s Who registries including the original Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who
in American Art, Stanford Who’s Who, Global Who’s Who Executives & Professionals, Madison Who’s Who, and is featured on the Home-page of
Covington Who’s Who as Professional of the Year 2013 in the Honored Members section of only 20 out of a global membership of 200,000.
• 1980 The International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England – Inclusion in the 7th edition of Men of Achievement, a world-wide reference publication.
• 1991 The Saint Andrews Society, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Artist Donation of a Certified Limited Edition of Telos-Mu to The Queen Mother’s Charity –
Guest of Honor at The Saint Andrews Society Ball and Auction and Formal Presentation to Lord & Lady Dundee of Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire Scotland
Pictures and story on the front page of the Montreal Gazette and letter from Lord Dundee of The House of Lords.
• 2012 Inclusion in Covington Who’s Who, Executives and Professionals – Nominated in August, confirmed in October,  Voted and declared Honorary Lifetime
membership in December of 2012
• 2013 -14 Featured on the Home-Page of • Covington Who’s Who – Public viewable honorary editorial listing on the world wide web .
Lifetime featured member on the Home-page from April 1st, 2013 at: <

Published Art Reproductions:
• 1971-76 Haddad James, Haddad’s Fine Art Publishing of Anehiem, California – 7 different images for world distribution; Reproductions: Afternoon Island Surf,
Day of Transfiguration, Islands at Eventide, Erica and the Harvest, Aureola, A New Dawn, and End of the Storm.

Published International Editions: 
• 1987-89 Adams, Patricia Upton – Upton Adams Fine Art Enterprises – Carmel-by-the-Sea, California and Loren Adams Studio of Fine Art Haiku, Hawaii –
18 Certified Limited Edition Cibachrome Fine Art prints of the 18 original oil paintings by Loren D. Adams, Jr. published for world distribution: Telos-Mu,
Augmented Sea, Ancient Dreams, Divine Right of Passage, Sun Lady, Epic, The Lost Continent of Mu, Beside the Still Waters, Declaration, The Naacal
Temple of the Pristine Wilderness, Terra Incognita, Moonlight at the Trade Center in Ancient Telos, Thy Dwelling Place, Yesterday, Today and Forever,
Rhyme and Reason, Time & Season, La Mia Prerogative, Anatomy of a Seascape, and Moonlight Over Lemuria.
• 1991-93 Adams, Patricia Upton, Upton Adams Fine Art Enterprises and Loren Adams Studio of Fine Art, Haiku, Hawaii Published special sized images
of the 12 original oil paintings by Loren D. Adams, Jr. as Certified Limited Editions for distribution to Japan: Telos-Mu, Augmented Sea, Ancient Dreams,
Sun Lady, Epic, Jade Sea, Lost Continent of Mu, Beside Still the Waters, Declaration, Naacal Temple of the Pristine wilderness, Mid Summers Eve in
Ancient Telos, and Terra Incognita.
• 1991-93: Magic Spell of Sun Lady, Return of the Lords of Light in Glory, A Council of Nine, and Paradise Cove.
• 1995-96: Telos Mu, and Augmented Sea Garden of Eden The Motherland…
• 1997-98: Chromatic Echo, Madame Pele and the Rain Forest, Fathomless Billowing Waves, Journey from the Moon also Rises,
Sonata at Sea, Telos-Mu (Mural), Good Morning, Paradise, Joy of Being, Higher Connections, and Going Up.
• 2002-04: Ka Puka Alua Sunrise at Pi’ahi, Jade Sea, Recognition, First Light, Coming Home, Going Bananas, Valor, and Whispering Hope.
• 2005-07: Kira’s Dream – Mariha, and Celestial Shores.
• 2009-12: Maiden Voyage of the Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani, and The Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani Sailing in the Moonlight in front of the storm.

About These Published Certified Limited Editions:
Between 1987 and 2007 the Artist produced and published 50 Certified Limited Editions and sold over
2,200 of these high quality, Cibachrome permanent Azo dye, reproductions of his own originals to the
Japanese market alone.  Each of these beautiful prints changed hands several times after they were
purchased from the Artist and were then sold for world record prices: Between $4,000.00 – $6,000.00
each. Since Loren Adams originally opened the first Cibachrome lab with Duncan McDougall F.R.P.S
(Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain) in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in 1974, and
had pioneered the use of this Ciba Geigi Pharmacutical product *Cibachrome for Ilford, as a Fine Art
archival print method; many other Artists had paved the way for dealers in Japan to desire to purchase
prints from their teacher: Loren Adams.  During the 14 year period of time between 1989 – 2003 his
popularity in Japan was at an all time high as well as other countries of the world.

Magazine ads pre-1998:
1975 – 1978 – Southwest Art Magazine – 27 consecutive full page advertisements – color

Auction results:* International Artist Registry ( Full Artist Profile Public viewable on Fridays only )
*Requires Membership

Partial List of important Collections:
Permanent Collection of  Richard W. Norton lll, Shreveport, Louisiana – Nelson Skalbainia,  Vancouver, British Columbia – Edgar F. Kaiser, Vancouver, British
Columbia – Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kostiuk, Vancouver, British Columbia – Mr. & Mrs Paul Minnichello, North Vancouver, B. C. Canada – Mr. & Mrs. Peter Greschuck
Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alberta, Canada – Mr. & Mrs. George Clark, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Mr. & Mrs. Ed Sardachuck ( Trizec Equities )
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – U.S. Senator & Mrs. Henry Manville, Nevada – U.S. Senator & Mrs. Don Mello, Sparks, Nevada – Lord & Lady Dundee… Balmoral
Castle Library, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – Steven Radocchio ( Toys R’ Us ) New Jersey – Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Hagar ( The Red Rocker ) Mill Valley, California – Ms.
Sharon Albright, Reston, Virginia – Mr. Karl Owen Hawley, St. Albans, West Virginia – Ms. Deborah McCaney, Lexington, Kentucky – Mrs. Sarah Jane Hawley, St.
Albans, West Virginia – Mr. & Mrs. Vince Neil ( Motley Crue ) Los Angeles, California – Admiral & Mrs. John Paul Jones DeJoria, Austin, Texas – Mr. & Mrs. Walter
Ennis, El Cajon, California – Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Fallick, Palm Desert, California – Dr. & Mrs. Frederic Harris, Val Pariaso, Indiana – Mr. & Mrs Dave Rand, Wialea
Maui, Hawaii – Mr. & Mrs. Barry Bloomberg, White City, Oregon – Mr. & Mrs. Keoni & Pamela Woo, Pukalani Maui, Hawaii – Mr. & Mrs. Jim Killette, Lahaina Maui,
Hawaii – Ms. Bonnie Nelson, Lahaina Maui, Hawaii – Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Mc Dougall F.R.P.S. Vancouver, B.C. Canada – Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kaiser, Lahaina, Maui,
Hawaii – Ms. Cathy Amour, Edmonton Alberta, Canada – Mr. & Mrs. Bob Allen & Gloria Lee, La Porte, Texas – Dr. & Mrs. J. Danforth, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bott, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Knox, Maui, Hawaii – Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Campbell, Scottsdale, Arizona – Mrs. Kay Block
( Block Bros. Reality ) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Hanks, Pukalani, Maui, Hawaii

Quick Facts: As seen on

* Easel Painting,
* Painting on sculptural carving,
* Location & Plain Air Painting

* Oil Paint, Watercolors,
* Mixed Media Sculpture

* Classical Realism, Contemporary
* Realism, Representation, Realist, Naturalist
* Surrealism, Surrealist
* Trompe l’oeil
* Visionary

* Architecture, Buildings, Houses, Structures
* Coastal, Shoreline Views
* Landscape, Conceptual Space
* Marine, Maritime, Nautical, Ships, Boats
* Seascape, Visionary Conceptual
* Miniature Specialty

* Famous Artists School, Student
* University of Hawaii Maui – Art Dept. Student
* University of Hawaii Maui College – Fine Arts Certificate

• Included in most of the International Who’s Who Registries
including the original Marquis Who’s Who in America and
Who’s Who in American Art, Currently on the Home-page as
featured Professional of the Year at

• 1979 The R.W. Norton Art Gallery & Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana.
• 1979 The Cummins Fanin Hall Museum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
• 1979 Vancouver Centennial and Maritime Museum, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
• 1994 Grace E. Flint Memorial Library, Eugene, Oregon.
• 1996 to present, Loren Adams Studio/Museum of Fine Art, Makawao, Hawaii

• High Priest Quorum – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

• The Art Collectors Research Association of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

• Linkedin – Expert Witness Club

•       Loren D. Adams, Jr. – Born September 28th, 1945 at Green County Hospital in Linton, Indiana.

Biographical Sketch – The Whole Story

Renaissance man, Loren D. Adams, Jr.  is now celebrating his 46th year as a professional Fine Arts
Visionary Surrealist Artist.  He developed a profound interest in painting at the age of nine years old.
One of these very early original Art-works found it’s way into a major retrospective exhibition at the
prestigious R.W. Norton Art Gallery, a Museum of Early American, European and Contemporary Fine
Art in Shreveport, Louisiana in February of 1979.

Loren Adams studied water colors with Marion Young, his neighbor who also taught Art at a middle
school in Corona, California.  He learned privately with her during the spring & summer of 1956-57
and still enjoys pure transparent water color using the techniques he learned from her.  In 1961 He
enrolled in the Fashion and Illustration correspondence course through Famous Artist Schools of
Westport, Connecticut.  He was disappointed to learn that, although he was one of the founders;
Norman Rockwell would not be his teacher.  Mr. Adams still refers to the marvelous text books for
points of execution in the human form for many of his paintings.

Being guided by his instincts and these basic fundamentals of drawing and painting he is primarily
self taught and is personally glad that he wasn’t too influenced by teachers of Art he didn’t like.  He
is greatly influenced by the realistic paintings of Albert Bierdstadt, Frederick Church, Charles Naahl,
and others of the 19th century Hudson River School.  He also is influenced by Russian Master Ivan
Aivazovski, and the Surrealists; Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali.  He admires beauty and passion
above most other qualities found in modern Art and of course has always admired Norman Rockwell.

His first public exhibit was at the Roseville Museum, Roseville, California in 1967.  This was the same
year he quit his day job as an emergency room L.P.N. to devote full time to his Art. The young Artist
began to chase after his dream to become a Master.  That was in 1967 some 46 years ago and he never
looked back or regretted the idea of living this dream awake.

During the past 46 years he has lived and painted the entire pacific coast from Baja, California to the
Inland passage of northern British Columbia, the gulf coast from Yucatan to Galveston, and the entire
costal areas of many of the Hawaiian islands.

Today his beautiful original oil paintings and limited editions are in Museums and important collections
in 9 countries and throughout the US.  He has collectors in Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, England,
China, Mexico, South America, Italy, and Texas… which is also considered another place outside the U.S.
by the residents of Texas.

•                                     The Loren Adams Technique and ideals in painting:

His technique is unique and yet traditional: He generally paints wet into wet (ala-prima) glazing only
over fresh retouch varnish if it is more than 3 days between painting sessions. He has always used Talen’s
Rembrandt or Windsor Newton Select List premium fine oil pigments.  He usually mixes his own palette
with light bodied stand oil and Grumtine occasionally adding a small amount of damar and never uses
driers.  He prefers oil prepared fine portrait linen canvas and stretches his own canvas sometimes on his
own stretcher bars.

For the finish on his oil paintings he uses only retouch varnish and waits at least 3 to 5 years before
the final 5 lb. cut of damar varnish that he brushes on by hand. He maintains the right to design his own
frames and believes that it is his personal responsibility to create with colored silks and other framing
materials all the way out to the wall––stating: “It is my right to assure my work is properly framed.” He
often deliberately uses odd sizes so that only custom framing can be used––even when it is re-framed.

Personally he believes that all great Art has to have value to the Artist first, or it will never have value
to anyone else.  “My paintings are like my children and anyone who buys them knows they’re adopting
one of my children and that they have a responsibility to take care of them.” LDA

Not content to rest on his past laurels, he continues to extend the borders of his creative abilities. Other
than painting in oils, he enjoys water color, and painting on his own 3-D gold gilded wooden carvings
which he calls stabiles.  Each of these innovative objet d’art are unique in that they have three sides each
with a different portal into a mysterious realm that is like a dream brought to life.  His attention to detail
is un-paralled and his quality of lighting brilliant.  The way he portrays the light reflecting on the surface
of moving water puts his work in a league all by itself… the viewer can almost hear the sound of the waves.

Loren Adams explains his views on real Art:

The way he thinks of Art is simple enough: Art is a language of the emotions that is shared with others.
If it’s really good Art it necessarily must live up to the same high standards set by recognized Great Art. It
must be intellectually stimulating, historically significant, mathematically perfect, and of course it must be
well painted.  “Real Art is supposed to be beautiful” in my opinion.
Loren Adams expresses himself about life:

As an Artist I not only take life seriously but I look at life itself as an opportunity to make everything around
me beautiful.  Everything one does can be an Art-form if they take enough thought.  I enjoy getting dressed
up in a shirt and tie everyday.  I take pride in pretty much everything that I do.  I see this place as heaven
because for me that’s all I choose to see.  Everyone gets 24 hours each day and they’re free to do what they
will with their time and see what they want to see.

Loren Adams lives happily, in his “dream awake” with his darling wife and eternal companion Patty, on the
island of Maui, where they find joy in all of their endeavors.  They have a loving family of grown children and
grand children who are creative in their own chosen areas.

Loren’s other interests include Piano, singing, public speaking, and above all else learning; he is always
searching for a finer expression of his ideals.  His love of classical music has often caused him to consider
a career as a concert pianist, instead the Art, Music and his many other interests have combined to create
a deeper resonance and added a richer color to life itself.


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