Art Quench Gallery Announces Jacqueline Moses WINNER of June Competition

Art Quench Gallery Presents; Jacqueline Moses

The WINNER of the June “Self Discovery” Art Competition

Jacqueline has won one year of representation with Art Quench Gallery.

 We welcome Jacqueline to the Art Quench family.

 Winning Image titled “Iceland-Ingolfshofdi Black Sand Beach

Jacqueline Moses 13 Iceland-Ingolfshofdi Black Sand Beach (2) o.k.

Juror Monica Hicks


I choose this as the winner for the theme Self Discovery because of the literal and figurative journey for the artist and the viewer. Besides its obvious technical skills to recreate the texture of gravel/sand upon a two dimensional surface, and juxtaposed slightly with the flatness of the homes in the distance, I find myself wondering what level of self discovery this artist is a part of. I suspect three options. The artist has discovered this site, and the trail of those who too have found it; the artist is leaving the site or; the artist has returned to the site, leaving herself a trail to do so.


Self discovery is such a privilege in a stressful world. I enjoy this work because of the distance it places between the viewer and the site of interest, perhaps to the artist. It allows an anonymity, a questioning, but a correlation because of the clear trail.


The mute colors speak to depth and solidarity, just as self discovery can be at times.  Excellent piece. Thank you for sharing. 

Jacqueline Moses

jacqueline moses o.k.Jacqueline Moses IMG_2190


Throughout grammar school and high school I designed logos and charts promoting
school activities and events.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2187 o.k.

I always took art classes, locally and the at the Art Institute.
After several years of evening and Saturday classes at S.A.I.C., when in my mid 20ʼs,
Mr. Keane, a faculty member asked when I was going to get my degree. I replied that I
had never thought of applying. I did and received my B.F.A.. I then went on to familiarize
myself with the Chicago art scene. I had my first show at the Illinois Arts Council in

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2221 (2) o.k.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2193 o.k.

I joined Artemisia in 1978 and received my M.F.A. the following year. During this
time I became acquainted with many artists, teachers and friends, and worked on
promoting my art.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2260 (2) o.k.

I visited and had shows in Italy and Slovenia and in many of the U.S.
states. Throughout the years I have shown in galleries and museums in the midwest.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2243 (2) o.k.
I have been invited to jury shows and give lectures on my work. I have declined at times
since I find speaking in large auditorium spaces difficult. I prefer smaller spaces and
more intimate groups.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2258 (2) o.k.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2249 o.k.

I find keeping up with the latest technology and global art
resources most challenging. I like to know what is happening, though I realize that I
must limit what I do to what I know best.

Jacqueline Moses IMG_2218 o.k.

Jacqueline Moses 11 New Zealand Havelock-passive submission 24__x18__ o.k.

Jacqueline Moses 5 Globalization Affects-Remnants

At present I spend most of my time painting,
though the Reliquary series was a change, but something that I felt compelled to do. I
keep informed, travel extensively and have been visiting many of our National Parks as
an artist in resident. I plan to continue on this course since I find it very informative and
stimulating and often relaxing and fulfilling.


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