Interested In Becoming A Featured Artist?

 So, you want to be in Art Quench Magazine?

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Image; copyright 2013 Art Quench Gallery


First, we would like to say “Thank You” to everyone for the great support of both  and  .  We appreciate all of our followers and the sharing and positive comments from many of you.  We hope to continue to inspire and inform our viewers of the creative happenings in the world. 


Stacia Gates

Here are 3 ways you can become a “Featured Artist”

in Art Quench Magazine;

#1.  We are constantly searching for artists whose work we find interesting and original by way of social media, artists websites, art shows and events showcasing creativity.

Artists may send a link to their website to  for review. We thank you for your interest in AQM, but with so many inquiries we can only reply to artists of interest.

#2.  Submit your work in one of the Art Quench Gallery monthly art competitions and as a winner of this competition, your artwork and back story will be published in AQM.  The winner of this competition also receives one year of representation with Art Quench Gallery.

Click here to ENTER…     Click here to see Past competitions…

#3.  Submit your work direct to Art Quench Gallery for representation by clicking “Artists Submissions” on the home page.  Resident artists are featured in AQM along with their back story.  AQM will also post any shows or events a resident artist is involved with as part of their representation.

 Click here to submit…

Be Inspired and…


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