Art Quench Gallery Announces Doherty WINNER of May Competition

Art Quench Gallery Presents; Sashenka Doherty

The WINNER of the MayBrilliantArt Competition.

Sashenka has won one year of representation with Art Quench Gallery.

 We welcome Sashenka to the Art Quench family.

 Winning Image titled “Class Requirements”

Sashenka  Class requirement (2)

 Juror Monica Hicks


” Sometimes art tackles subjects we as a community or culture need to address, subjects that can find no comparable expression through any other means, subjects that might disturb us but that we have to understand more fully if we are to move forward. Many of our memories begin at the time of what I interpret as being grade school in this particular painting by Doherty. A time when we remember and can form our own inferences and affects based on the memory of our experiences.  What I find to be brilliant is not just the strong, clear lines and colors that define these characters, but the vivid strong sound implied by the open mouths of the figures who look as if they are singing, or speaking in unison, in clear tone.  Certainly brilliant. “

South African born artist, Sashenka Doherty has an undeniable ability to capture the essence of emotion through her artworks. She started painting at the tender age of two and though her medium was nothing more than a pile of mud and a white wall it was the scaffolding to the creativity-drenched architecture of her life.

Sashenka photo

Growing up, Art as a profession was not something encouraged by her parents but she always kept it as a heartfelt sidelining hobby to her career as a businesswoman that is until recent times. She was commissioned to do an artwork for a restaurant in Pretoria where an agent spotted her work and she was then commissioned to do ten pieces for the South African Film and Publication Board.

Her first solo exhibition sold out and she has since not been able to put the paintbrush down.

Her style though ever changing has been described as Expressionism but she wishes to express only the true feelings of the viewer through their unique interpretations of her works.  She inhibits a very versatile approach in her art in that she does not stick to one style or medium, ranging from Matisse inspired colour schemes in her paintings to intricate ink drawings with eye-catching texture.

Sashenka is known for leaving her heart on the canvas because she paints without plan but rather the instinct of emotion.

This is what Sashenka had to say about life and Art:

“I want to travel

I want to experience the art of humanity they call culture

And while I’m there I want to draw from it as much as I can

I want to create a life of Surrealism without a plan

I want to feel the Cubism of New York

I want to dance for Degas

I want to hear The Scream and laugh with the Mona Lisa

I want to find Wonderland falling down the Warhol

I want to meet people that mean what they say because

They speak the Realism of Courbet

I want to leave an Impression

Like Monet, I want to runaway

Because Frida sounds a lot like Freedom

And in my travels I will learn Expressionism

Because I want a life

Worthy of a Turner Prize”


To ENTER this month’s “Summer” Art Competition



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