On Purpose Magazine Presents; Rebecca Crownover / Book Contest Winner

On Purpose Magazine Pesents; Rebecca Crownover Author / Book Contest Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca Crownover who is the first winner of our Author / Book Promotion Contest.

We asked contestants to create their back story or point of view, using four key questions and we rated the answers based on how compelling the story was and how marketable we believe the back story is.

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A life-long resident of the Texas Panhandle, Rebecca Crownover grew up in Sunray, Texas, a small farming community.  Her grandfather was a farmer and through junior high and high school years, she worked on the farm driving tractors and irrigating crops through row water irrigation. Rebecca attended Texas Tech University and then moved off to the big city of Dallas, taking a job traveling around the world as a technology consultant.  In 2003, she moved back to the Texas Panhandle marrying Adam, a native to Dumas and a farmer.  They had a beautiful little girl in 2007 and named her Acie. Tragedy struck in 2009 when Adam passed away from a head injury incurred in an ATV accident.  It was not only a loss to Rebecca and Acie, but also a big loss to the Crownover family and their family farming business. Searching for guidance, Rebecca attempted to find a book that could help Acie understand the loss of her dad.   When she was unable to find a book written at her daughter’s level of understanding, she decided to write her own children’s book.   The result is My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus.

Rebecca and Acie Crownover - Pictures By Brilliant Pixel Photography

Since Adam’s death, Rebecca has remained a business partner with her in-laws to carry on Adam’s legacy and to continue her role of contribution to the farming business, an industry that has always been a part of her life.

As a single mom and only parent, Rebecca has found her life to be a true blessing. Tragedy in her life has only spawned a deeper appreciation for it.  Life is so precious and if she can be an inspiration of strength to others through her experiences, then her life purpose is being fulfilled.

To hear Rebecca Crownover audio interview and read morehttp://onpurposemagazine.com/2013/01/09/rebecca-crownover-author-of-my-daddy-is-in-heaven-with-jesus/

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  1. Thank you to Stacia Gates and Art Quench Magazine for all your support. We love you and will continue to feature your featured stories and contest winners at On Purpose Magazine.


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