Art Quench Announces The 2012 “Things I Am Thankful For” Competition Winner; Robyn Graham


Art Quench Announces The 2012 “Things I Am Thankful For” Competition Winner; Robyn Graham

Robyn grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois. At the time Robyn lived there, the population of Nashville was approximately 3,000 people.  Nashville was a quiet farming community located 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.  Robyn’s parents and grandparents took advantage of the proximity and often took Robyn and her three sisters into the city for day trips to the Zoo, the Theater, the Art Museum, and other activities.

Robyn’s love for photography began at a very young age.  She loved to take photographs and capture events and special times with friends and family.  One of her favorite memories related to photography was using her parents’ Polaroid camera and taping all of the pictures up on a dining room cabinet door to display them.

Further influencing Robyn’s love for photography, were two local award-winning photographers.  Steve Humphrey is a portrait and wedding photographer still working in Nashville, Illinois. In addition to Steve, was Charlie Palek, also a portrait and wedding photographer whose portfolio includes landscapes, events, and images from his travels.     True inspirations.

Despite her love for photography, Robyn chose a career in pharmacy.  A neighbor and local pharmacist influenced this decision.  She attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy and graduated with a doctorate degree in 1995.   Robyn’s husband John also has a career in pharmacy, which brought the couple and their three children to historic Bucks County, the landscape of much of Robyn’s inspiration.

What draws Robyn to photography?  Other than capturing life, the art form.  Her mother is an artist – she paints.  Robyn’s father was a master craftsman in woodworking.  Two of her sisters have artistic vision and talent and can draw and paint.  Another sister writes beautiful poetry.  Art and faith have always been influential in their family life.

Robyn’s philosophy on photography is about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary; about capturing life and life’s events; documenting special moments and visions.  For the majority of her life photography was a hobby.  More recently, with the birth of her children, photography became a passion.  In 2010 she took the necessary steps to further develop her skills in, and knowledge of, the world of photography.   She enrolled in classes and with the support of her loving husband and family was able to make the transition from passionate amateur to professional photographer.  Her career took root with the publication of her blog, Robyn Graham through the sharing of her art and passion.

Today, Robyn is very thankful for the encouragement and support of family and friends and feels exceptionally blessed and humbled by being able to call herself an award-winning photographer.

Robyn Graham’s Bio;image001

Robyn Graham is a freelance photographer living in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Dr. Graham originally chose a career in pharmacy, but has recently taken her passion of photography from a hobby to a profession and is now working as a professional photographer.  Robyn’s true love is fine art photography and her passion is capturing life through her lens to share the world with others.

Robyn is an award winning and published photographer.  Her work has been featured in ViewBug Photography Magazine, The Buck’s County Herald and several newsletters and websites.  She is the feature photographer for the Solebury Club Yoga department in Buckingham, Pennsylvania.

Robyn has participated in the Galaxy Art Show and Sale, a juried showcase of artists from Buck’s County, Pennsylvania.  In addition, Robyn recently won a photography competition through Art Quench Gallery, a fine art Gallery.  It is Robyn’s goal to continue to apply to, and participate in juried art exhibits.

At present Robyn’s work is represented at Simon’s Fine Art Gallery in Dublin, Pennsylvania.

To learn more about Robyn and her photographic art, please visit her website at   Her work includes landscapes, still life, and street photography as well as portraiture.  The majority of Robyn’s photography is done in and around Buck’s County where she enjoys capturing the essence of the community and it’s history.  Robyn is especially known for her work with flowers, subjects that she cherishes and finds inspirational.

Robyn’s images are available in standard and custom sized prints.  Print size availability is image specific.  Robyn works with her clients to determine the best size for their needs while maintaining image quality.

Contact information:

Robyn Graham

Phone: 215.262.6677

Fax: 215.489.3520






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