Art Quench Presents; David McNutt

Art Quench Presents ; David McNutt

We met David through a mutual friend and art lover and we were inspired by his heart felt words and good nature, not to mention his beautiful art. It is truly wonderful to meet someone who takes such a personal interest in those whom which the art is being created for.  David designs silver hearts as jewelry for many as reminders of loved ones past or of very special people in their lives.  His hearts are also a symbol to others of a passion one carries for a particular way one expresses themselves.

“My hearts are created as an expression of personal passions and values, yours and those of someone special in your life.”

David McNutt, emeritus professor,
graphic designer, painter, children’s book author, jewelry designer and babysitting grandfather of six girls and two boys. In 2003 his passion for art led him to create the Art Lover’s Heart® sterling silver pendant that now sells nationally in museum stores. This success led to his design of hearts containing words that reflect the passions of David’s family, friends and people around the world. The Family Lover’s Heart, Hope, Friends, Nature, Music, Peace, Dance and many other Lover’s Hearts make unique gifts or a lifetime personal treasure. In addition, David’s collection includes a growing list of name-in-heart designs that are treasured by mothers and grandmothers.

To view more of David’s work go to 

Submit your request by contacting David, click here.

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