Art Quench Gallery Presents: Artist Cory Graham

  Art Quench Gallery Presents;  Cory Graham

When we first saw Cory’s work we thought wow, this artist has something special.  His choice of subject along with his use of color and impressionistic style allow the viewer to receive a warm welcome, while moving their emotions into a place of contentment. This is one of our favorite pieces of Cory’s work, you find yourself in that day and can feel the weather.  As an artist, when the spirit is not bound by convention, the creation is amazing and we see that in Cory’s work.

We hope you will share Cory’s work with others in helping to promote this wonderful artist.

More on Cory…

Contemporary artist Cory Graham hails from majestic Willamette Valley in the Pacific Northwest.  At first a hobby, art has become a full-time passion in his life.

Using vibrant, bold colors along with his unique style, Cory creates one of a kind, refreshing work.  He has been directly influenced by the Post-Impressionist movement moving with the Expressionist movement.  Of late, he has been dabbling in more abstract work, especially concerning people.

Cory would also consider himself a mixed-media artist.  Most of his pieces are painted with a mixture of oil pastels, ink, acyclics, and watercolors.  Furthermore, all of his pieces consist of bold, black outlines.  Not only is this a direct influence from the likes of Van Gogh or Gauguin, but also a shout-out to his love of comics and cartoons.

To check out Cory’s site and blog, please visit


More of Cory’s work


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