Kush Fine Art

For many of us artists, the opportunity to take our imagination to it’s deepest form through another artists work is rare.  Kush offers us a chance to do that, a chance to be able to go into an almost subconscious  mind set, a dream state if you will and we find ourselves in another world.  Thank you Kush for the journey, it has been a wild ride.  Kush most definitely has been given a gift and has learned to use it well. 

Distinctive Features of Metaphorical Realism

Many connect surrealism with Salvador Dali.  Most of Dali’s work was expressed in distortion, created in a time of wars, crisis and nuclear threat that imposed a “troubling sheen” and gloomy character on the surrealist movement.

In contrast, for the first time in art history, Vladimir Kush has introduced a fresh, positive side of surrealism, expressed in an unexpected and original form that is in deep harmony with nature.  Instead of distortion, common to surrealism, Kush reveals hidden or internal similarities of realistic objects “unusually” connected.  In other words, he attires the romantic side with the surrealistic overview of the world.

This difference between “traditional” surrealism and Kush’s style, “Metaphorical Realism,” is significant.  Kush’s style implies the possibility of truthful depiction of the material world and combines with it his own vision of cultural world traditions and mythology.

Kush and the History of KFA

Without starting capital, Kush opened Kush Fine Art gallery in Maui, Hawaii, riding the wave of the public’s interest in this new and original art movement and the high rate of sales of his work.  Within 5 years, additional galleries in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach were opened.

It is no surprise that the seed planted in Russia grew into a majestic tree in America, bearing a large fan base and many collectors who feel that “Metaphorical Realism” is highly addictive.  Prior to the introduction of Kush’s work, however, the surrealistic style was considered by most gallery owners around the country to be “unsellable” due to its usual gloomy content.  Vladimir Kush has changed that and paved the way for many other successful surrealist artists.  Additionally, “Metaphorical Realism” has had a huge impact on many aspects of education as university and college students around the globe write semester or diploma works based on Kush’s art.

Kush is a perfect example of one living the “American Dream.”  The dream is a reality for such creative individuals, inspired by examples of historical figures – those who risked leaving their native country to pursue success in a land spacious enough for their bravest undertakings.


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