The Disney Gallery Artists in Disneyland, Ca. Share Their Visions Of Castles

Who doesn’t love a castle?  Especially a Disney Castle!  The artists of The Disney Gallery, in Disneyland, Ca. have created a series that are sure to delight you.  When you enter the gallery you will be reminded of perfect memories and childhood dreams.  The Disney Gallery is a must see and with all the wonderment, you just might find yourself lost in an enchanted world of your own.


Inspired New Views of the Disney Castles

Castles have inspired the work of artists around the world for centuries, portrayed in everything from painting and sculpture to television and film. Similarly, Walt Disney was inspired to create unforgettable storybook castles in his motion pictures and build them in his parks. Since most notable castles existed outside of the United States, Walt introduced many Americans to their first castle experiences.  Just as Walt found inspiration in the storybook castles of France’s Loire Valley and Bavaria’s Black Forest, his own castles sparked the imaginations of his countless film audiences and guests to his parks.
Disney castles continue to inspire today’s artists, including 12 gifted women and men whose works The Disney Gallery is now proud to feature. They each have created captivating pieces of art that reveal the immeasurable influence of Walt and the landmark icons he created and inspired.

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