WonderGround Gallery Presents Miss Mindy

WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney, Ca. will be presenting artist “Miss Mindy”live

July27-29 from 5pm-9pm

Growing up, Miss Mindy was always surrounded by creativity through her family of artists and designers. Her biggest inspiration was her grandmother, who worked as an ink and paint cast member at Disney in the 1930’s.

Miss Mindy has been working as a professional artist for years, painting commissions for private collectors and participating in numerous gallery shows around the world.  Her ‘cartoon folk’ art ranges from fluid ink drawings and paintings, to shadow boxes and dioramas, to most recently, sculpting, toy making and customizing vintage objects.

Recently, Miss Mindy’s efforts have involved directing her own cartoon for various animation studios. She has also written and illustrated two books, and created original vinyl toys with several toy companies. Her artwork is sought after by collectors far and wide, from film industry professionals, to Burlesque performers and circus carnies.

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