Announcing Grand Opening of WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney

Art Quench Magazine is excited to announce the Grand Opening of the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney, Ca.

As we toured through the WonderGround Gallery we felt inspired immediately.  With the amazing artwork and creative design of the gallery, we could see why people were so excited to be there including ourselves.  Some of the artists were there to talk about their work and take photos with fans.  Many people commented on how they thought the gallery was a wonderful attribute to Downtown Disney.

We are happy to be working with WonderGround Gallery in its promotion of a bright future.

An Uncommon Art Gallery Makes the ‘Scene’
WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort

Distinctive, eclectic and uncommon, this contemporary setting is, in itself, a blank canvas, providing the ultimate venue where unique art collections, works from a new generation of artists and unexpected finds in home and lifestyle merchandise, take center stage. WonderGround Gallery draws inspiration from Disney’s deeply rooted art and storytelling-driven heritage – especially the idea of stepping through the looking glass, which the greatest of art allows us to do.

Showcasing artwork inspired by Disney-Pixar films, characters and icons, as well as paying tribute to the one and only Mickey Mouse, more than 25 local and domestic up-and-coming artists will have their unique interpretations available for you to add to your Disney collection. This variety of commissioned, original and limited-edition artwork reflecting various styles, techniques and mediums will provide an eclectic environment in this store.

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