Disney’s WonderGround Gallery

Artist in Residence Noah

Will make a special appearance!

December 5 – December 6

WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District

NOAH The Kid in Me 02


Noah will be setting up shop inside WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney®District as December’s Artist in Residence. Look for special appearances and signings throughout the month.

Be sure to drop in and say hello between 6p.m. – 10 p.m. on the dates listed below, and browse some of his latest artwork. Sizes, retails and formats will vary.

Appearance Schedule 

December 2014:

5-6, 12-13, 19-20, & 27

NOAH The Kid in Me 01

NOAH The Kid in Me 03

WGG noah3



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Disney’s WonderGround Gallery Event

WonderGround Gallery  

Downtown Disney® District

Artist Showcase with Joey Chou, Brian Crosby,

Eunjung June Kim, Kristin Tercek, and Lyla Warren

November 15

wonderground exterior

WGG nov.

Artists Joey Chou, Brian Crosby, Eunjung June Kim, Kristin Tercek, and Lyla Warren will take part in a special appearance and artist signing,

November 15, 2014 from 11a.m. – 1p.m. at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District,

as we celebrate the release of some of their latest works.  Formats, sizes and prices vary.


Joey Chou

Joey Chou Tiki Birds

Joey Chou Seeking Adventures of Pirates


Brian Crosby

Brian Crosby The Rocketeer


Eunjung June Kim

 Eunjung June Kim Grandmother WillowEunjung June Kim AliceEunjung June Kim MulanEunjung June Kim Ariel


Kristin Tercek

Kristin Tercek StitchKristin Tercek Chip and DaleKristin Tercek Donald


Lyla Warren

Please continue to watch for updates


Limit two (2) items signed per artist, per Guest.Appearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid Disneyland® Resort receipt may be required. Separate admission is required to the Disneyland® Resort.


WonderGround Gallery Artist Showcase with Noah

WonderGround Gallery 

Weekend Takeover with Noah and

Special Guest Katie Kelly

April 11 – April 13

 Downtown Disney® District



Renowned Disney artist Noah will be taking over WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District for the weekend! Look for appearances throughout the day from April 11-13, 2014. Which piece will Noah be showcasing? Check it out below!



Joining Noah as a special guest during the takeover weekend at WonderGround Gallery will be artist Katie Kelly. Stop in to see some of her latest releases including Into the Forest.





Born and raised in Orange County, California, Noah grew up to be one of the most well know artist in the country and around the globe. He began his company on his bike at 16 handing our business cards to create art, signs and illustrations for local businesses. Soon after graduation from high school Noah received an airbrush from his family. He then embarked on a career of creating custom portraits on clothing and canvas. He would set up at local clubs and coffee shops to paint live for collectors in front of their eyes. This caught the eye of corporate companies and celebrities. An amazing day came when Noah partnered with The Walt Disney Company™ to create a line of Noah versions of the characters. Noah’s line has become a huge favorite among Disney collectors and fans worldwide. Noah’s works include character interpretation, as well as, product development such as one-of-a-kind Vinylmation™. Noah spends his time creating lines of product for cruise ships, galleries, his clothing line and private commissions for collectors. In addition, he spends his time designing and creating new works in his studio.


Katie Kelly

Katie Kelly

Following her passions, Katie studied graphic design and oil painting at Indiana University, and graduated with her BA in Fine Arts. Through Katie’s artistic accomplishments, she has been given an amazing opportunity to be an artist for Disney. Katie believes that art has enabled her to express her inner self to others. “When I am sketching and painting,” she explains, “my mind is clear and I am at peace. I truly enjoy what I do and I hope to convey these feelings to others through my work.” She acknowledges that countless people have helped her along the way and she appreciates their assistance more than words can express. “Someone once told me,” she explains, “that one of the best ways to give back is to use your God-given talents to help others. I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to paint and share it with those around me.”

Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest. We ask that you bring no personal items to be signedAppearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid Disneyland® Resort receipt may be required. ©Disney



Disney’s WonderGround Gallery


davequigglepinocchiostalltale_slide Disney WGG photo



Meet Artists  Jeff Granito, Liana Hee, Martin Hsu and Dave Quiggle at

The WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District

for a special appearance and signing,

November 23, 2013 from 11 a.m. – 1p.m.

JGSeaAndBeSeen_web JGCAREFREEandCRUISING_art_w JGCharmedImSSSSSSure_web

MartinHsuMickeyAndMinnieInNeverland Martin Hsu Lilo And Stitch's Family Gathering Martin Hsu Prince Bambi

DaveQuigglePinocchio'sTallTale LianaHeeMagic_by_Moonlight LianaHeeSunlit_Swing


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Disney’s WonderGround Gallery Presents Artist Benjamin Burch

The WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney Presents;  Benjamin Burch

wonderground exterior

Artist Showcase with Benjamin Burch

July 27 – July 28


WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District

Artist Benjamin Burch will be on hand July 27 – 28, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District to showcase some of his limited edition prints.  Burch’s work ranges from scenic re-creations of renowned locations like Amsterdam, Venice, China and Hot Habana Nights to cool cats and more.

Venice HabanaNights
DiscoverChina PedelThroughAmsterdam



Benjamin started drawing ever since he could remember, but before he was ever inspired by the beautiful talents of Picasso, Monet, or Charlie Harper, he was sucked into the worlds conceived by artists like Ward Kimball, Maurice Noble, and Dr. Seuss.  Born in Germany from American parents in the military (father from Nebraska and mother from Massachusetts), Ben spent his life moving around the world.  And it is his life experiences that he draws from and is the most inspired by these days.  ”I grew up always wanting to work in animation production, it has been a struggle but I’ve managed to carve a living doing that for over ten years now working for various studios from commercials to

Feature development and children’s cartoon series.  I’m trying to think beyond that now.  What do I have to offer the world as an artist?  I want to illustrate the celebration of life through all the world’s diverse cultures and all that entails from music to craft and all the things that define a place. ”  Benjamin currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and  where the winds may take him next, only time will tell. ”

Limit TWO (2) items signed per Guest.  We ask that you bring no personal items to be signed.  Appearances are subject to time and availability and are not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Event and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, release dates, appearances and retails. A valid Disneyland® Resort receipt may be required.

WonderGround Gallery Presents “Noah”

WonderGround Gallery Special Artist Showcase “Noah”

WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney®

District will play host to renowned Disney

Fine artist Noah, as he stops by June 8 from

2 to 4 p.m. for a special artist showcase

debuting his latest piece, “The Great

Flood”. Noah will be on hand to sign limited

edition Giclees, Deluxe prints as well as an

assortment of other product.

For More Info. http://www.DisneyParksMerchandise.com 

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WonderGround Gallery Partnership with Art Quench Magazine is a Great Success!

wonderground exterior

WonderGround Gallery

Art Quench Magazine is happy to announce a successful partnership with WonderGround Gallery.

We have received a great response from all of our viewers in association with the posts on the WonderGround Gallery.

Art Quench Gallery would like to thank our viewers and in appreciation keep giving you what you ask for…

WonderGround Gallery

WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District, Disneyland® Resort

Distinctive, eclectic and uncommon, this contemporary setting is, in itself, a blank canvas, providing the ultimate venue where unique art collections, works from a new generation of artists and unexpected finds in home and lifestyle merchandise, take center stage. WonderGround Gallery draws inspiration from Disney’s deeply rooted art and storytelling-driven heritage – especially the idea of [Read more…]

WonderGround Gallery Presents; Sean Chao

WonderGround Ground Gallery Presents; Sean Chao


WonderGround Gallery’s Artist in Residence-Sean Chao

February 1 – February 2

WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District, Disneyland® Resort

Every Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 9pm, throughout the month of February, meet WonderGround Gallery’s Artist in Residence, Sean Chao, whose miniature sculptures illicit amazement to all those who see his work.

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Sean Chao now finds home in Los Angeles, California. In 2007, Chao graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with a BFA in Illustration. He learned how to create in a variety of mediums, from drawing, to painting, to sculpture. Working in a small studio, he yielded his love of creating miniature sculptures.

Using Sculpey (a type of polymer clay), bass wood, balsa wood, paper, wire, and painstaking precision, Chao creates a delicate balance in his sculptures by showing enough detail to ignite wonder, yet enough imperfection to reveal that they’re lovingly handmade.

Nature is a recurring theme in Chao’s work. He often depicts dense forests filled with plants, animals, and insects. He has also portrayed ocean scenes as well as space scenes. He creates a lot of movement in every scene so that each one feels like a moment frozen in time. Watching people view Chao’s artwork, you can’t help but notice their looks of awe as they pore over all the minute details and then their smiles as they walk away.

With his artwork, Chao intends to offer a bit of joy while at the same time trying to change the world – even in a small way – which turns out to not be so simplistic after all.

Disneyland® Resort presents a Robert Olszewski Product Release & Signing

February 2

Disneyana Shop on Main Street, U.S.A.

Join us as we welcome Miniaturist, Robert Olszewski who will be on hand for a special appearance and signing for the launch of his newest release, the fifth and final installment of the Main Street Electrical Parade series, To Honor America, featuring the American bald eagle and American flag. A special plaque will be adhered to the bottom of the base for the first day of release. Sculpture comes complete with certificate of verification.  Bob will appear at the Disneyana Shop on Main Street, U.S.A., February 2, 2013 from 9 – 11am.

Disney WGG photo

WonderGround Gallery Presents; Artist Liana Hee

WonderGround Gallery Artisan Showcase-Liana Hee

January 25 – January 26

WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District, Disneyland® Resort

upupandaway_500x290Disney WGG photo

On January 25-26 from 1pm to 4pm at the WonderGround Gallery Downtown Disney® in the District at the Disneyland® Resort, meet Liana Hee, an illustrator from the San Francisco Bay Area, who has loved her craft since she was a child.

In 2007, Liana graduated from the Art Institute of California, San Francisco with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. Since graduating, Liana has jumped headfirst in Silicon Valley, designing toys and characters for various companies in the social gaming industry. Liana imbues her whimsical characters with rich colors and lovable personalities, using her favorite medium to work with, gouache on watercolor paper or Bristol board. She is very passionate about sharing her work with others and is constantly striving to better her craft. Liana is currently working on a book that showcases a collection of her favorite original mini paintings.

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