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ArtQuench Gallery is a virtual on-line art gallery that showcases and helps promote emerging and mid-level artists of all art genres to other artists, art lovers and industry professionals.

We offer our Resident artists a place to promote their art work to a wide range of clients including designers, collectors, the public and many galleries. Each month we will select one or more resident artist to promote through

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ArtQuench Magazine is an international on-line magazine that works in tandem with ArtQuench Gallery and is devoted to the ArtQuench Gallery’s juried art competitions and bringing the artist and industry professionals information via stories, interviews and news about the art world and all the creative happenings around the world in hope of inspiring us all.

ArtQuench is looking to speak to all sides of the artist community and industry to help artists promote, market, find resources, offer resources and much more.

ArtQuench is building a community and is all about quenching the thirst of the artist and the art lover.

“ After 44 years of growth I feel I have been given the wisdom and the knowledge to move into a new journey of creativity.  As an artist it is my love of art in all forms that has brought me to this place.  I have created as a platform for the best creators in the world to show their work.  We will include everything from painters to bridge builders.  Our goal is to share the creative happenings with the world in hope of inspiring us all. “ – Stacia Gates


  1. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog. Thanks also for being an active supporter of emerging artists! Great Magazine.


  2. Your site looks very interesting and would like to learn more about it by subscribing. Hopefully my photos will be of interest to you.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


  3. Please view my web site. i am an oil painter from Martha’s Vineyard who works in several genres, doesn’t like to be categorized and enjoys them all.
    I paint because painting fills my heart with joy.


  4. hey its a wonderful platform for artists all over the world. i am an artist based in mumbai india.would like to associate myself with art quench magazine and art quench gallery to have a wider viewership for my art,


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