Jersey Girl Kayla Calabrese Enjoys the Little Things with New Single, Good Vibes

Jersey Girl Kayla Calabrese Inspires Us With Everything She Does!

Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Nurse and Philanthropist.

New Jersey country artist Kayla Calabrese is back and is showing her sweet side with the brand-new single, entitled Good Vibes. Truly a track for the summer, this infectious tune lives up to its title, reminding listeners to find positivity and enjoyment out of the little blessings in life. 

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Kayla Calabrese is of light and love with a heart of gold. She works hard and is hard on herself. As I listened to Kayla share her story with me I could hear such drive and passion from her in everything that she is involved with and I could feel her dedication. She told me that when she was in school she would cry if she did not get an “A”. Kayla wants to do her very best at everything she does and she does. I asked her where she got her work ethic and she said it came from both of her parents. Her father was a trucker and gone a lot but although she missed her Dad she saw the hard work and dedication her father had for his family and picked up those qualities growing up. She also saw how in life you get knocked down every once in a while and learned that getting back up and moving on is the only way to go.

Me, my little brother David and my twin Ryan 

My twin brother and me 🙂 I 

My mom and I! 🙂

While her father was on the road to provide for his family her mother was living much of her life as a single mom instilling values and important lessons to the family. “She was the one who was always there if I was down on myself for not being perfect. My mom brought me back to earth and showed me there is so much more to me than whatever I thought was so bad.”

Kayla’s parents worked hard together raising their family and building a strong foundation for Kayla and her siblings to grow from. Great job Mom and Dad!

My dad and I acting goofy as always!! Lol

Kayla loves her family very much and the values that were given to her.

Kayla is doing everything right and her hard work is paying off. Not only is she a rising star but her devotion to helping others is such a big part of her life. Kayla is a nurse and cares for others with tenderness and compassion.

I asked Kayla about her dreams and plans and she said she really wants to be a role model to young girls. Kayla says with all the bullying and negativity that has happened with social media she wants to be a light of inspiration to the young people of the world and help them to know that life has so much to offer and help inspire them to be strong and beautiful inside. 

Kayla says she would someday like to open a gym for girls to learn gymnastics and be a mentor to those who come to a safe place where we all uplift one another.

“One of the best things that I get to do as an artist is inspire the younger generations. I love having little girls and boys at my shows and love knowing that I can have a small influence on their lives. I think kids today have it a lot harder than previous generations due to the impact of social media and bullying. I am all about building these kids up and telling them that they are enough just as they are. They don’t have to wear the brands that everyone is wearing or have the newest toy/game to be loved or accepted.” 

“I take that responsibly seriously and love being a light to any child I can. I met an amazing girl named Alyssa through her father at my Nursing job. He told me she played guitar. I got to meet Alyssa and she is one of the sweetest people I know. I could tell she looked up to me from a musical standpoint and quite honestly is a stellar guitar player.

Alyssa Arkava

I invited her to come into the studio when we were tracking a couple songs and she actually got to play on the record. I could tell she was on cloud 9 and had an amazing time. I recently played at CMA Fest in Nashville and thought, what better way to have her feel special again than to have her play on stage with me. So she did and she rocked it as always. She’s an amazing young woman and I am honored to be able to inspire her and show her that you can be exactly who you are and be successful and happy. I love you Alyssa!”

Little girl Caleigh who came out to see me at CMA Fest! 

Kayla we support you and the wonderful inspiration you are bringing to the world through your music and mentorship. You are a beautiful and special person and you will surely succeed in all that you do!

-Stacia Gates

Here is a lyric video to my new single ‘Me Time’! Get ready for summer and make this your new summer anthem 🙂

MORE ABOUT KAYLA CALABRESE: With her Jersey-girl attitude and romantic Italian soul, this sonorous-voiced beauty brings her own edgy flair to the country music scene. This songstress recently conquered a new life goal of having her debut song, Kiss Me, played at an official Chicago Bulls NBA home game. This down-to-earth artist has a sassy edge that shines through her lyrics, stage presence, and fresh demeanor. Her bold vocals and effortlessly long-held notes exude confidence and were born for stardom. Naturally drawn to be a musician, Calabrese shyly started out by singing into her hairbrush as a child. Now living in Nashville, Calabrese juggles being a music artist while simultaneously being a full-time ER nurse and a newly-licensed realtor. She recorded her first project which produced her debut single with Grammy-nominated music producer Kent Wells, best known for producing Dolly Parton. Since then, she has had numerous chart-topping singles on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart, has done a full-fledge radio tour, endless performances, and garnered great reviews from industry critics, including calling her the next Sara Evans. 






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